Do You Know About The Carbonated Beverage Syrup Configuration Technology?

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There are many different things to consider when start a carbonated beverage or sparking water plant. The most technical process is the syrup configuration part. Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery CO.,ltd, we can provide various syrup configuration technology and formula.Here I will introduce it .


In carbonated beverages, water accounts for 90%, and the quality of water will directly affect the appearance and taste of carbonated beverages.

The raw water needs to be processed first, the pure and healthy water is obtained after water clarification, filtration, softening, desalination, and disinfection.

The sweeteners, sour agents, spices and preservatives are added to the mixing tank and mixed to obtain a viscous substance, which is the process of making syrup. 

After the prepared syrup is mixed with carbonated water, it becomes carbonated beverage. Different syrup configuration components produce different carbonated drinks. Obviously, syrup configuration is an extremely important part of carbonated beverage production. The following is an introduction to syrup configuration.

Preparation of raw syrup

① Sugar melting 

The syrup prepared by adding a certain amount of sugar to a certain amount of water to dissolve is called sugar melting, and sugar melting is divided into cold melting method and hot melting method.

The only advantage of the cold melt method is to save fuel. The container used for cold-melting sugar is generally a stainless steel barrel with a built-in agitator, a drain pipe is installed at the bottom of the barrel to facilitate thorough cleaning. The production process is relatively simple, mix the sugar and water according to a certain ratio and put them in the barrel for stirring. The stirring should not be too intense, otherwise too much air will be drawn into the syrup and pollute the syrup. After completely dissolved, the impurities can be filtered to obtain a certain concentration of syrup, is generally 45-65°Bx. If it is to be stored for one day, it must be made into 65°Bx. This kind of molten sugar method requires very strict sanitary control measures.

The hot-melt method uses a sugar-melting pot, generally a double-pot stainless steel sandwich pot, equipped with a stirrer, and a discharge tube at the bottom of the pot. The production process is to heat sugar and water according to a certain ratio with steam to the boiling point, and at the same time, the stirrer keeps stirring. During the heating process, there will be coagulum on the surface which must be removed with a sieve. Otherwise, the taste of the beverage will change, it may even form a ring around the mouth of the bottle. Boil the syrup for 5 minutes to facilitate sterilization, and its concentration is generally 65°Bx. When dissolving sugar, the higher the temperature, the greater the dissolution of the sugar solution.Generally, hot melted sugar is heated by steam. If it is heated directly with fire, the bottom of the pot will easily overheat, causing the syrup to burn.

The sweeteners used in soft drinks are generally sucrose, isomerized sugar, saccharin, stevia, etc. The latter two non-sugar sweeteners are particularly suitable for preparing low-calorie beverages (production of functional beverages suitable for diabetics and obese people) .

When the white sugar ingredients, it is usually made into simple syrup first, a solution of about 55°Bx, which has the best preservation of sugar content and is easy to dilute.

If the Brix is less than 55°Bx and the sugar content is low (relatively thin), the syrup is easy to spoil. If the Brix is greater than 55°Bx, the syrup is relatively thick. Although it is easy to store, the viscosity is large in the later stage and sugar is easy to precipitate. It will affect the accuracy when bottling.

General speaking, the sugar content of a simple syrup is determined by the final product sugar content. When making a simple syrup, the ratio of sugar to water must first be determined according to the formula.

② Filter the syrup. 

After the sugar is dissolved in water, it must be carefully filtered. Generally adopt natural filtration and pressure filtration.

In the actual production, if you use the more checked sugar, you must use activated carbon to filter to avoid flocs, sediments, to prevent odor, and at the same time to avoid foam during bottling, which affects product quality.

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