Choosing the Right Paella Pan

It might be difficult to choose the correct paella pan, but if you know a few crucial characteristics, the process is simple.

Choosing a paella pan size might be confusing.

It is possible to get paella pans that are small enough to serve a single person to ones that are large enough to feed more than 100 people. Fortunately, our website shows you how many servings each pan can produce. The leftovers of paella are great, therefore we suggest selecting a pan that is a bit bigger than the number of people you want to feed.

When determining paella pan size, consider the space between the pan’s top lips. The handles extend beyond the pan’s actual dimensions.

If you want to cook on a gas or electric range, you may be limited in the size of your appliance. Pans up to 20 inches in diameter may be used on a stovetop burner, although pans 15 inches in diameter or less are best for getting even heat distribution. We suggest that you measure the inside of your oven to make sure that it’s big enough for the pan you want to use.

A paella gas burner set or a steel tripod over an open fire are your only options if you need to serve a big group. If you insist on cooking on the stovetop, you may buy many little paella pans and use the smaller heat source to cook them all individually.

One thing to keep in mind: when you purchase a huge pan, make sure you measure it to obtain an accurate idea of its size. In many cases, customers purchase a pan that ends up being far larger than they anticipated.

Is it possible to grill paella using charcoal?

When grilling paella, you must ensure that your pan will fit on the grill. You may use a propane burner or a charcoal or wood burner in our paella grill systems. If you’re not cautious, you might wind up with a charred paella if you don’t keep an eye on things. Because of this, I like to use a gas burner while preparing paella, since it allows me to easily control the temperature.

What is the best way to clean a paella pan?

The degree of care required for various pots and pans varies. Paella pans made of carbon steel, such as ‘Pata Negra’ pans, should be cleansed and dried promptly after each use before they may be treated with a neutral oil to avoid rust. Before reusing a pan that has rusted, give it a good clean with steel wool. Keep it away from moisture and in a dry area. 

To prevent scratching the stainless steel surface of the paella pans, wooden or plastic utensils and cleaning equipment are required. Hand washing is recommended.

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