Collaborative Robots in Industrial Work

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Collaborative robots, or cobots, are fascinating technology. Their application is appreciated by industrial workflows.

Collaborative robotic arms have rightly got some more attention than other cobots for multiple reasons.

These are a type of robotic manipulator that was made to work close to people without the need for protective barriers or cages. 

You hear ‘robots working with humans’ and there’s bound to be some anxiety about worker safety. How safe are these cobots next to humans? 

The robotic arm has in place advanced sensors, force-limiting technology, intuitive programming interfaces, etc. Traditional industrial robots are usually huge, and fast, and could be dangerous for people nearby. But cobots are smaller, less intimidating, and made with safety in mind for such close interactions. 

They feature – 

  • rounded edges 
  • lightweight construction
  • built-in collision detection systems 

– that automatically stop/slow down the robot’s movements if there’s any unexpected contact.

Main benefits are:

  •  increased productivity
  •  improved workplace safety
  •  flexibility and adaptability
  •  cost-effectiveness


Multiple industries have found uses for cobots, such as:

1. Automotive: for tasks such as machine tending, material handling, assembly operations and working alongside human workers on production lines.

2. Electronics: for tasks like circuit board assembly, component placement, and quality inspection in the electronics industry.

3. Food and Beverage: to help humans in tasks like packaging, palletizing, and material handling in food and beverage production facilities.

4. Healthcare: for assisting with surgical procedures, rehabilitation, and laboratory automation.

Automation is in constant demand and cobots are likely to be at the center in the future as the collab for human and robotic capabilities are explored.

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