Common Auto Body Shop Expenses for Collision Repairs

Collisions in accidents are one of the things that cannot be avoided on the road. It is quite a headache as it risks your health, other people’s health, and your vehicle’s health. You are very without getting injuries after a collision. However, your car will suffer the consequences. Every car owner shouldn’t need to worry too much about it though, as nowadays a lot of great auto body shop technicians and mechanics can easily fix your car as it was before. If you are a car owner that was just recently in a collision, here are the common auto body shop expenses for collision repairs.


During car collisions, bumper damage usually suffers the most as it is the most open area of the car. Bumpers can be found on the front side of the car and the backside. If your back bumper or front bumper were hit during a collision, it will probably suffer from dents, scratches, and tears. For bumper repairs, it takes around $100 – $2000 depending on the severity of the bumper and depending on the auto body shop costing price. Bumpers are considered the easiest part of the car to get fixed after a collision since they can get fixed with different auto body shop methods easily. For tears in your bumper, it will also depend on the severity. A bumper that suffered a lot of damage will need to get replaced instead of having it repaired. It may cost higher than the normal repair but it can usually last longer like the original bumper.


Another part of the car that suffers dents and scratches is the car doors. The trunk can also suffer dents from collisions. If the doors don’t get fixed immediately, opening and closing the door may result in some damage. The mechanical function of the car door can get stuck because of the damage especially if there is a large dent in the car door. This also applies to the trunk if it was dented. The cost of car door repairs is usually around $100 and above depending on the repair. Car door repairs also include repairs for the mechanical function of the car when opening and closing the door, the auto glass, and dents in the car door. Just like the bumpers, it is better to get it fixed immediately to avoid having the car door replaced entirely since it will probably cost more rather than having it repaired.


Body panel can get damaged if there is a severe collision. Example of body panels is roof panels, front panels, trunk panel, and many more. Though it was not that common for body panels to be damaged since the usual collision that a lot of car owners have experienced was not that severe. However, if the car doors, the bumpers, the hood, the trunk and other parts of the vehicle have been severely damaged or there is a large dent in the area, the body panels will also be included in the damage. As for car owners, you do not have to worry that much though as the cost of body panel repairs can be the same as the cost of car bumpers.


Fenders and bumpers can be both associated but the two car parts have differences between them. Car bumpers’ purpose is to protect the front and the rear of your vehicle from collisions and it is usually made out of plastic. On the other hand, fenders are usually made of metals. It can be seen near the tires. The curve-shaped design that you see on your car is the fender and it shields your tires from debris like rocks and other stuff. If the collision damaged your fenders, make sure to get it fixed especially if it was dented and some cracks in it. This is to make sure that your car will work properly and make your tires protected as usual. 


Although for modern cars, windshields tend to be more durable than the older versions of cars. However, it is still one of the fragile parts of the vehicle that can easily get damaged during a collision. For obvious reasons, since it is made of glass, no matter how durable it can be, if it received an impact with a lot of force, it will break immediately. If it is just a simple rock or small debris, modern vehicles’ windshields do not break that easily and older versions of a car may have a slight crack from debris. Also, fenders that were left unattended can cause some damage to the tires. Although the fenders are made out of metals, the cost for repairs of fenders is lower than the bumper if it is just a dent. But if the fenders have some cracks and need to be replaced, expect it to also have a higher cost.

  1. FRAME

A car’s frame is what holds the overall of the car. It is usually made of steel and aluminum. Just like the body panels of the car, the car frame can also be damaged if there is a serious collision happened. The structural support system of the car can be dented, scratched, or have some cracks after a collision. Although it was not that common repair just like bumpers, it is also one of the car parts that need to be checked and have repairs after a collision, even if it is a minor or major collision.


Just like windshields, headlights and indicator light are also one of the fragile parts of the car. Scratches and cracks on the headlights can affect every car owner with a bad driving experience. Not only it can affect the driver’s vision but it can also risk other drivers’ safety. If the headlight frame is damaged, it should be replaced but if the bulbs or nowadays LEDs are, it can be easily replaced. Headlights and indicator light is not expensive unlike the other vehicle parts mentioned in this list.

  1. TIRES

Tire rotation is the normal thing for cars if the collision is not severe. Although tires don’t need to be changed immediately, however after a collision your tires might be damaged from shrapnels and other small debris that can cause your tire to be flat from to time. That is why having your tire inspected, repaired, or replaced right after a collision either a major or minor collision is a must.


For overall repairs, scratches from a lot of different parts of the car can be seen right after a collision. Though it is the most common damage for a vehicle to have, it is also one of the easiest and can be considered one of the cheapest repairs to have. So make sure to check all the areas that have scratches. A tip to save you some money, if there are only light scratches on your car in one spot, it is better to get it fixed if your car gets another scratch in different spots so you will just need to pay once for the labor fee.

Keep in mind, that before going to proceed to an auto body shop to have sufficient knowledge and research first. Auto body shops do repairs that aren’t in the car’s engine. Auto body shop mostly repairs the outside of the vehicle and the overall structure. Lastly, set your expectation that after a collision, your vehicle’s repair will surely cost a lot especially if you have been in a major collision. So make sure to get an estimated quotation first to make sure you will have enough money to pay for the repair expenses. If you are searching for a good collision repair shop in Houston or a good collision repair shop near your area, consider going to Collision Repair Houston.


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