Importance of Custom Logo Design and 5 Tips for Beginners

Complete guide about the importance of Custom Logo Design and some tips which can help every beginner for starting successfully.


Logos possess the utmost importance today for any business or a person (in case of personal branding). All businesses get themselves branded or even re-branded to stay in the limelight. What logo does for your business, and why is it so important? What you do and how you do is very important for people to know.

Instead of describing these two important things to the public, you can directly show it to them with a self-explanatory logo. A logo, in short, defines your business to the masses; thus, it should be simple enough that without being Sherlock Holmes, a normal person should be able to understand what you do. But in some cases, a logo does not describe what a business is about, instead, it interprets the spirit or emotion of that business.

A good example is ‘swoosh symbol representing a rapid motion’, with the tag line ‘Just Do it’. Without showing any sports equipment, Nike has said it all in its logo. Sometimes a business uses a logo to describe how close to nature or down to earth they are by using, let’s say, a picture of Panda. The logo gets imprinted on people’s brains for a long time if it is good enough, or it can connect with the person on some level, which means that relevancy also matters when considering a logo design.

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With hundreds of new businesses coming into existence every day and tons of businesses shutting down each passing day, what experts tell about the probability of a business’s success is how they initiated it – matters the most. Sometimes it becomes crucial to start without a great zeal and in a profitable way. For others, it is optimum to start just generally in accordance with the norms of that particular business.

No business is new in the world now, whatever you think of doing, someone has already done it or is doing it. So, now it’s easier to find out the norms and traditions of similar businesses and their acceptability in public. What mistakes they made when they started and what was the best part of their initial marketing campaign. Find out the answers to these questions, and you are already halfway through. 

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 Whether you are a logo designer or a business owner who wants to get his logo designed, the following tips are essential for you regarding a custom logo design.

Simplicity is the key.

Making your logo attractive yet straightforward is the key to start as an already acceptable business. But designing a simple logo is not always that simple. Think about the emotion that your business can relate to with the audience. If you get it right, you can get your design right. The most famous logo designs are very simple in their overall look because you certainly don’t want to confuse people with what your business is about.

Not necessarily, it should describe with pictures or symbols; it can be just stylized text of your business’s name. The one thing that needs to be taken care of the most in your business’s logo is that it should not be cluttered with extra symbols, colours, or typography. Using unnecessary items in a logo can make it look like you were too desperate to put it all in one small logo. There are certainly more opportunities to convey a detailed description of the business but burdening the logo with all of it is going to make it worse.   

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Be original when coming up with the logo design for your business or your client’s business. Of course, there may be many different ideas in your mind while designing the logo, and those ideas can naturally come from the popular brands’ logos. This thought process is inevitable; you can’t help but think about your competitor’s logo.

Think about it all day and as much as you want but never think about copying it. The reputation of your business can drop to zero instantly when you copy a logo and if that inspiration comes from a popular competitor whose logo is well recognized and memorized by people, not only you will be caught copying it but also your image in the branding world will greatly suffer. 

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Consistent Design

One of the crucial things is to be consistent in your logo design. Put it simply – your logo should not be a mixture of different fonts and colors or a combination of pictures and symbols. It should be aligned with your Brand’s integrity and should be consistent throughout. 

Unique Font

With hundreds of millions of fonts or typefaces already available in the market, it’s challenging to come up with your new font. But human beings’ thinking capacity is also not that limited. When you have it in your mind, you can design a new and unique font of your own. 

Avoid the cliché 

Make sure you don’t use any symbol or font in your logo that has been overused. It will give a very dull impression on your target audience. Being unique in the overall design of your Brand’s graphic work is always the winning strategy. 

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Bringing it together

Whatever your business is about, a logo interprets and conveys a lot about you even before you reveal what the business or brand is going to be about. So, deciding to get your affordable logo design by a professional is the first step towards a successful branding strategy. 

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