Decoration of Home Windows, Doors, and More with Washi Tapes

Add some flair to your blinds by wrapping the slats with washi tape or adorning the wand. For even more vibrancy, run a length of washi tape over the top of the handrail. If you’d rather utilise curtains, you may add some aesthetic flair by applying washi tape to the cloth. All it takes to secure the tape in place is a quick application and a quick ironing. Curtains may be easily updated by removing the existing washi tape and replacing it with a new pattern.

Doors decorated with Washi tape will certainly stand out. Decorate your child’s room with geometric patterns, his or her name, or even covers that hide the whole bed. Tape around the door’s edge to make the colour invisible until the door is opened for a more understated appearance.

You may also go without the door and draw attention to your wall sconces or plates instead. Depending on the width of the wall plate and the desired aesthetic, one washi sheet may be used to cover numerous wall plates, or multiple strips can be cut from a roll. If you are looking for custom washi tape, please visit our website.

Fixtures and fittings

You can give practically any piece of furniture a new look by using washi tape. You may use it to decorate the edge of a bookcase, refinish a table top, or give a boring dresser a splash of colour on the interior of a drawer. Using tape decorations, even a plain lampshade may be transformed into a work of art, and plain storage boxes can be used as artistic accents.

Bathrooms and kitchens

With washi tape, you may create a strong statement in the kitchen or bathroom, or just add a pop of colour to an accent item. Washi tape may be applied over the whole surface of cabinets and drawers for a more vibrant look, or you can just add colourful patterns. Mirrors and countertops may be decorated with a border of washi tape.

Additionally, you may add a splash of colour to these areas by decorating accent items with washi tape. Put the tape over a glass jar of cotton balls in the bathroom or a jar of kitchen utensils.

Rooms devoted to children, such as bedrooms and playrooms

Washi tape is great for decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom since it is removable and comes in a variety of bright colours. It may be used to create a hopscotch or a track for toy automobiles. You may also embellish bags, boxes, and shelves by taping artwork to them. Obviously, you can also use it on the doors and drapes in your child’s or teen’s bedroom. You can always buy custom washi tape because they are the best and most popular compared to all competitors.


Washi tape is great for temporary wall d├ęcor since it doesn’t need repainting after you relocate. The tape may be carefully peeled off. Use washi tape instead of nails to hang pictures on the wall and you won’t have to worry about fixing any holes.

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