What Is 2.5D Animation? and When to Use It!

Animations, graphics, infographics & cartoon characters have slowly but firmly become the new normal trend in the explainer video world. Explainer videos have become the heart of marketing for brands & big businesses. The top most successful brands have been well equipped with 2D, 2.5D, 3D & Isometric animation videos as it is straightforward to customize the videos according to requirements & target audience on a mass level.

The old traditional marketing initiatives such as marketing on radio, television ads, newspapers & magazines, etc. have become outdated in modern times & replaced by more effective digital marketing tools such as SEO, social media & websites which are more effective in marketing & explainer video services are in the heart of the digital marketing revolution.

In modern times explainer videos have proven to be a game changer when it comes to marketing a brand on the internet platform as the internet is filled with people & is a global place to target an audience. Top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube support videos & paid video advertisements. Explainer videos have proven very effective in marketing brands on such social media platforms at very competitive pricing with trackable conversions. Today we give you more in-depth information about animated explainer videos, focusing our attention on a specific type of explainer video service popularly known as 2.5D animation videos.

What are 2.5D Animation Videos?

There are different types of animated videos such as 2D, 3D, Isometric, White Board & Black. But 2.5D animation videos? huh, what are they? Well, it’s no surprise if you hear the word 2.5D animated videos for the first time. The 2.5D animation lies between the 2D & 3D video types, it consists of the depth of 3D animation with the 2D environment, as a blend of the 2 video types therefore this particular video type is known as 2.5D videos. 2.5 D explainer videos are comparatively less priced. Animated Explainer Video Pricing for 2.5 D videos in the UK can start from USD 7,000 To USD 12,000.  The 2.5D explainer videos are affordable & very useful when it comes to marketing your brand or business on the internet platform.

Why Should You Use 2.5 D Explainer Videos?

Well, explainer video services have grown very popular among modern brands as it’s a cost-efficient way of marketing your new business or brand effectively in and around the surrounding areas. Here are a few tips on why should you use a 2.5 D explainer video for your marketing activities.

Affordable Marketing Solution

In the case of small & growing businesses, it’s true that marketing funds can be less & inefficient for huge marketing campaigns. In such a situation opting for a 2.5D explainer video could be the solution to the problem. The animated explainer video pricing could be inexpensive when compared to spending on other marketing campaigns. It also provides a guaranteed return on investment on the amount you spend.

Brand Awareness

Spreading brand awareness for new businesses in the market is always a challenge when such a situation arises 2.5D explainer videos showcasing your brand, product or services can be a good solution to the problem. Explainer videos are very versatile & can be shared freely through various social media platforms, internet chat systems or messenger applications. You should make use of a 2.5D explainer video if spreading brand awareness is your challenge.

Marketing On Internet

The Internet platforms such as social media, search engines, websites & messengers have great power of marketing your brand at very inexpensive prices or even free.

Today everyone around the world holds access to the internet & social media, marketing your brand with the help of a 2.5D explainer video that explains your products & services can be very effective. Animated explainer videos have proven to improve the focus of the viewer by 95% better when compared to other explainer video types. 2.5D explainer videos are a form of explainer video type. Paid marketing campaigns of google search engine & social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & YouTube are one of the best ways to target your audience & get more conversions.

Best Explainer Video Company In USA

Finding a top explainer video company in the UK is always a challenge, Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video company in the UK that provides top-notch explainer video services at competitive prices. At Explainer Mojo we are a team of highly professional video marketing, graphic designing & video editing experts that thrive to cast & animate top innovative explainer videos. From the video to script to the final slide of your animated explainer video we provide all the essential services related to explainer video production all under one roof.

We have worked with a number of brands across the UK, USA & Europe providing top-animated explainer videos. Our team possesses expertise in crafting some top 2.5D animated explainer videos. We include motion graphics, animations, isometrics, sounds, voice-overs & subtitles everything that makes an explainer valuable. At Explainer Mojo we thrive to become the best explainer video production company in the USA. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today for the best 2.D explainer video services in the UK

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