Discover Where to Find Quality Jewelry Online

Jewelry has always been a part of every human culture throughout history. As long as people have been gathering together, there has been a need and desire to adorn the human body with some semblance of beauty. While this has always been a part of human culture, the methods over the years have changed dramatically. 

Fresh and seawater shells, animal teeth arrayed beautifully on decorative strings, or even jewelry made from plants have been the items of adornment in times past. Modern-day jewelry looks different, but it is the exact same drive and desire to adorn the human body and accentuate its already stunning natural beauty. 

Not only that but jewelry has always had symbolic significance. Whether it marked nobility and royalty, as certain precious stones could only be held by people of significant office, or it commemorates a date. Jewelry has done everything from symbolizing love and commitment, to commemorate loved ones who have passed away. 

Modern-day jewelry has seen a market that is mostly marked by precious metals and stones and a departure from more primitive sources of beauty. Gold, silver, Diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones are now the main staples of most modern-day jewelry. However, one thing that has stayed consistent through the years is the meaning behind the jewelry. 

Jewelry is a statement and a celebration. It’s something that has significant meaning and brings beauty in a unique and powerful way. Mark Henry Jewelry has continued to believe that jewelry should be just as unique and beautiful as the reasons it is worn. 

In fact, Mark Henry Jewelry is committed to delivering not just ethically sourced gemstones, but the most unique gemstones on the market. These precious gemstones go further than just the natural beauty but uniquely display a variety of different optical phenomena. By having a special eye for gemstones that play with color-change, or have adularescence qualities, Mark Henry has a unique online catalog of stunning jewelry that truly is unlike any other. 

How Do You Know Its Quality?

The internet has made a lot of things possible. From staying in touch with loved ones all over the globe to shopping, doing things online has streamlined and optimized life like never before. One area that this has helped improve, is access to quality jewelry. 

Now, jewelry is expected to be expensive. These precious gemstones are rare and the artists that design and the craftsman that create don’t come at a cheap price. Whether you are buying a diamond engagement ring or ruby necklace for your anniversary, these purchases have quite the financial significance. 

This can make some people feel insecure about making such a purchase online. Kind of like shopping for a pair of pants from a new distributor, some things you would just feel more comfortable tyring on before making the purchase. 

While it is never a bad idea to hold or apply a piece of jewelry worth thousands of dollars before making the purchase, with the proper tools you can actually easily evaluate these pieces yourself. One of the ways that you as the consumer can know you are getting a good quality piece of jewelry is by looking at the grading system that all gemstones must-have. 

These universal grades use the same criteria no matter what jeweler you are shopping with. When you look at any gemstone from Mark Henry you can always request their grade as well as speak to a trained professional for any questions or concerns you may have. 

What’s more, is that this grading system is easy to understand and can be your number one tool when shopping for jewelry online.

The Four Cs

Every gemstone will be graded off of four universal characteristics that will help determine the actual value of the stone itself. These four Cs are Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. 


Cut, is actually one of the most important characteristics of a precious gemstone. Gemstones have the ability to catch and reflect light, and while this is somewhat dependent on other characteristics like clarity and color, none affect this quality like the cut. A master stone cuter is an expert who knows how to perform the best cuts to get the most brilliance and shine from a gemstone. 


Clarity refers to the gemstone’s inner purity and the presence of what are known as inclusions. Inclusions refer to blemishes in the chemical makeup of the gemstone that may inhibit light from passing through it. 


Carat refers to the weight or amount of gemstone that is present. This international unit of measure is exclusively used for precious gemstones and one carat is approximately a fifth of a gram or 0.200 grams. Knowing a gemstone’s carat size is simply knowing how the mass of the gemstone in question. 


Lastly, color is an important feature in grading a precious stone as certain colors or lack thereof are considered more rare and precious than others. Mark Henry Jewelry puts a special emphasis on finding the most exotic and unique colors to bring to your jewelry collection. This leads to a fifth ‘C’ that Mark Henry Jewelry always strives to deliver. 


The final aspect of quality for all Mark Henry jewelry is the creativity and care that goes into creating it. These pieces are specifically designed to capture the imagination and spur the heart. The Mark Henry team is composed of some of the best designers in the market committed to creating jewelry that is diverse, creative, and exhilarating. 

Check Out The Online Catalog

With options that range from rings, earrings, bracelets, and much more, you can find something for truly any occasion or person at Mark Henry. The online catalog not only showcases their most beautiful pieces, but with constant customer support, you can always talk to a trained professional at any time with any questions you may have. 

Finding high-quality, unique, standout jewelry online doesn’t have to feel overwhelming with Mark Henry’s online catalog. With various styles and gemstones, finding the perfect piece online may be easier than you may think! 

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