Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill: Can Chronic Prostatitis infect others nearby?

You may, unfortunately, contract chronic prostatitis and want to know if others around you will get infected with it. This is a common question asked by those concerned about others’ well-being. 

About chronic prostatitis

It is possible to divide this health condition into two types, namely, bacterial and non-bacterial. The latter gets affected without any bacterial infections. Hence, it is not likely to cause infections to others nearby. Since woman’s genital tract manifest always, it resists strongly to bacterial infections, including bacterial prostatitis. 


However, men suffering from chronic prostatitis are likely to suffer several symptoms like urgent or frequent urination, painful urination, burning sensation while urinating and disturbing chronic pain arising in the pelvic region. But among bacterial prostatitis, a few prostate disease types may get infected while having sexual intercourse. It can be Chlamydia, gonococcus, various pathogens and mycoplasma, but with strong infectivity. Main transmission mode is considered to be sexual intercourse. Hence, having sexual intercourse might transmit bacterial prostatitis. 

Women are infected with this bacterial condition may develop cross infection by using the common bathtub. A good number of patients can be found to infect the disease among their family members. Hence, special attention will be desired. The female during this time shows several symptoms like abnormal urethra or urines, abnormal discharges, etc. that requires special attention. 


It is for this reason, the doctors suggest both couples to avail treatments simultaneously. Going through portals like https://www.drleetcmclinic.com/ can provide more valued knowledge on this subject. Hence, it becomes essential to avoid having sexual as much as possible until this issue is treated completely. Antibiotic treatment is not always recommended because of drug resistance. Fortunately, there are also available herbal medications to treat this issue. You may avail Chinese traditional medicine or TCM to treat Mycoplasma or Chlamydia. It can help cure effectively reproductive disease. Even women can avail herbal medicines for treatment. 

Can TCM therapy help treat chronic prostatitis condition?

Chronic prostatitis is stated to be a common disease. It occurs frequently in middle aged as well as in young men in their genitourinary system. One of three men above 35 years of age is reported to contract prostatitis condition. This accounts for approximately 25% andrology and Urology clinic male patients of adult age. 

Moreover, clinical course to treat this condition is considered to be a complicated and gradual process. At the same time, the patient experiences sexual dysfunction issues like premature ejaculation, impotence along with male infertility or reproductive disorders. The latter is mostly caused due to mental burden rather than this disease. 

Fortunately, chronic prostatitis condition can be effectively treated with traditional Chinese medicines like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It plays a vital role to treat while providing an optimistic outlook. This medicine separates chronic prostatitis to five types to offer dialectical treatment. 

This pill is also referred to as dieresis antibiotic pill that has been created by the well-known herbalist, Lee Xiaoping. This pill comprises of a variety of essential ingredients that is vital to heal from this chronic painful health condition.

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