Do I Need A Big Reason To Go For Psychotherapy?

“Around two years back, when the world’s economic and health condition was crumbling due to the covid shock, I was experiencing turmoil in my personal life. I lost my pet to cancer and couldn’t overcome the grief. I totally shut myself in my room, with little communication, even with family members. I wasn’t even able to sleep or eat properly. It was like silence had engulfed my soul. Then, I knew I needed help. It sounds bizarre to even think about it today, but thankfully I got help from professional counselling services. It took me four sessions to finally accept the death of my dear furry friend.” 

Does this story relate to you? If yes, read another instance.

Jack added – “Things went pretty well, and I could recover from the loss. But, the smoothness soon eroded when I shifted to my dream destination for higher studies. London is a great place for anyone who wants to experience an aesthetic vibe and quality education. But, after entering the semester, I started becoming tense; the excitement to attend lectures soon faded away. I ate well and slept more than usual. My assignments were getting good remarks. To be honest, no problem could disturb me. Still, I was not happy or full of life. I asked my friends if I should go to therapy, and they gave me shocking and amusing glimpses. It felt like I was making a mountain out of a mole. I carried on with the same distressing situation for six more weeks until I finally went to the therapist.”

Was his decision right?

At this point, you must know the answer. Jack’s story seems relatable to anyone who feels stressed or worn out even without significant events. Precisely, you don’t require any major instance of grief or loss to shake up your life. Take the case of a person who takes proper care of his health and falls sick one day due to fever. This case is similar to jack’s; the only difference is that physical health has been substituted with mental health. Many times, depression or stress is nothing but a mood disorder. Everything could be working pretty well, and still, at some point, you may start feeling sad and stressed. And, yes, there’s nothing wrong with going to a therapist if you think so. 

A Common Misconception about therapy

Out of many misconceptions about therapy, there is one preconceived notion– people go to therapy only during the most challenging times of life. The truth is you can go to a therapist almost anytime, and your reasons are equally valid. People ignore their mental health because the impact of stress is not visible. Sometimes, if you feel sad for a long time without any legit reason, you should seek a professional therapist’s help.


Therapy is a preventive measure to keep mental health in good condition. Going for grief counseling Los Angeles is similar to going to a dentist when your tooth starts aching. Therefore, without thinking about what others may think, you need to begin giving precedence to yourself and your health. 

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