Where to find nomad apartments in Manhattan?

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Manhattan is a popular place for people to move in. Maybe you are looking for work, study or adventure there. Or you just want to change the environment, no matter the business, the first question that comes to mind is “Where am I going to live?”. Moving is an important matter, and you should plan carefully how to do it. Either way, you can stay with no roof under your head for a while. Due to the advantage of living in a big city, many landlords raise the rent. So you may end up earning enough money just to pay the rent.

Imagine working on a 5/9 job and coming home in the evening. In a new home, you have only a mattress and bare walls, with no furniture at all. Your neighbors are suspicious people throwing parties almost every night. You can’t do anything about it if you don’t want to search for a new home again. Tomorrow you will have to pay the rent, and it is 70-80% of your salary. Not the type of life you dreamt of, probably. But, there is another option.

Instead of being concerned about your safety and domestic issues, you will move into a home with all the necessary furniture. The company will take care of all your needs no matter how long you are going to stay — for a day or several years. Compare this to the fact that many apartments are available if you rent them for 12 months minimum. In this article, we will explain how to find nomad apartments in Manhattan.

Tips on looking for a good rental company

There are so many companies on the internet trying to promote their services. The question is how to find a suitable option for yourself. While looking for a home, you should find an answer to these questions:

  1. Isn’t it too far away? You need to know how comfortable you will be moving from one direction to another. If the house is not close to your job or educational establishment, then there should be bus stops or subway lines nearby. Consider for instance the Gramercy House. There are 4 subway stops, the closest one is a 3 minutes walk from your house. A few blocks away from your door, there are also bus stops. 
  2. Can I afford this? Just make sure you can afford a new home. There is a price list on a website with different room options. 
  3. Who is responsible for chores? You need to know who will pay the bills and clean the house beforehand. In either case, you will be signed to do work you didn’t ask for. And this is your time that could be spent on something more important. The Outpost company takes care of maintaining the house clean as well as dealing with bills and paperwork. You don’t have to do anything about it. 

Read feedback and check the company’s history before moving in. Compare photos on the company’s website to those in feedback. If everything matches and is suitable for you, then congratulations! You found a perfect option for you.

How to rent a room in a Gramercy House

Check the website and read information about available rooms in the house. Then fill out a short form where you provide your contact information. Then the Outpost team will contact you within a day. They will offer the most suitable option based on the budget and availability. After some procedures, you can pay and move in right away.

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