Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight? – Here’s What the Expert Says

Have you ever been to the gym and you see someone working out, all drenched in sweat with tight muscles and you were like wow! That guy really knows how to workout. Subconsciously, when you eventually workout and you are all sweaty, you instinctively think that because you are sweating you are burning calories and you are also losing weight. Hold up! Don’t conclude yet. It’s true you are burning calories but are you losing weight by sweating? You’ll have to continue reading to find out if sweating can help you in losing weight.

Can sweating help me lose weight?

First of all, sweating is a process your body uses to regulate its temperature. It regulates the temperature by releasing salt and water which will eventually evaporate making you cooler. It makes sense, right? That’s why you sweat a lot when you are in a hot environment. 

Secondly, people can lose weight by carrying out different activities such as exercising (workouts), cutting their diet, eating weight-loss friendly food, etc. Now, you understand both concepts, the question remains, can sweating help one lose weight? Yes it can and no it can’t—whether it can help or not largely depends on what you do after sweating. Let me cite an example, let’s say you are working out and in the process of working out, you sweat off 15 ounces of fluid, it simply means you are 15 ounces lighter. There’s a catch with losing weight this way because that’s not your true weight and once you take in water and eat food your body will gain back what was lost. It’s a lot similar to the water cycle

Naturally working out consistently over time can help you in losing weight but you won’t be able to judge if your workout is effective from the rate at which you are sweating. The reason for this is that different people have different sweat rates. So if you see someone on a treadmill sweating a lot more than you are sweating. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual is working out more, it may be that the individual has a higher sweat rate.

So sweating doesn’t help you lose weight except you know what you are doing. With the right steps, you can make your sweat work for you and help you lose weight in the process. How? Continue reading and I’ll tell you.

The proper way to do a quality workout that’s capable of burning calories and building muscles is by replacing the fluid you lost in the process of working out. If you fail you replace the fluid, your heart rate will go up and your body tries to warn you by slowing down—this is when the exercises become a lot harder than they were when you initially started and if you fail to heed to your body’s warning, you’ll pass out in the process.

Now, if you follow the natural body’s process while working out even if you’ll eventually lose weight, it’ll take a lot of time to achieve that. That’s because the moment you start sweating and your body starts losing fluids it’ll trigger to stop by slowing down your workout making you workout less. However, you can replenish what you lost and workout longer using this simple process.

  • Before the workout, have a measurement of your current weight.
  • Carry bottles of water. You’ll be needing to replace the lost fluid while working out.
  • Workout. Carry out the activities you normally do when you workout.
  • Check your weight again after a while and take note of the difference.
  • If you’d like to workout longer then replace the difference by drinking the water equivalent of what you lost before resuming workout.

When you follow the above method you’ll realize that you’ll be able to workout longer than you normally do and that’s thanks to having a good knowledge of how to utilize your sweat during workout. I’m sure you already know that if you want to build muscles fast and lose weight fast, you’ll have to workout longer.Since people have different rates at which they sweat, if you don’t sweat much then this method won’t be beneficial to you unless you have a sweat shaper sauna vest. A study carried out in 2018 shows that these vests induce larger sweat losses which is exactly what you need.

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