E-scooter Vs. E-bike: Which One Should You choose?

E-scooter & E-bike are both great inventions of modern technology. We appreciate that you have decided to buy electric vehicles for your daily activities & to get a more enjoyable journey. But which one is best for you depends on your necessity. 

Though electric scooters & electric bikes perform quite similarly, there are differences between them. These vehicles are environment friendly & cost-friendly. These keep our world greener to emit less carbon dioxide.  

We can not ensure about one because it’s up to you. It will be clear which one is best for you after finishing the article. Let’s start with the explanations. 

When To Choose An Electric Bike?

There are a few things, such as better riding performance, better exercise, better range, etc., when choosing an electric bike rather than an electric scooter.

  1. Riding Scooter With A Vacant Battery

It is the greatest advantage of an electric bike: you can run your electric bike with a vacant battery. You don’t need to manage an external power source. An electric scooter doesn’t have this feature. 

Though many electric scooters have a range of over 60mi/ 100 km, it doesn’t work if you have a vacant battery. Then it would be best if you carried it in your hand instead of riding. 

Electric bikes are a good option for the delivery man because they can continue their services in case of an empty battery.  

  1. For Larger Wheels & Comfortable Riding

Electric bikes have larger wheel sizes than electric scooters. These bikes can offer you comfortable riding because they hold 22 to 26-inch wheels. Electric scooters have smaller wheels ranging from 8 to 11 inches which are less durable. 

Moreover, electric bikes have more well-developed wheels & tires than electric scooters. Electric scooters wheels & tires need a long time to be more developed. 

  1. A Great Way Of Exercise

Exercise is very important for keeping our health fit. Riding an electric bike help to perform more exercise than riding an electric scooter. It helps to perform the cardiovascular exercise and prevents various diseases. 

On the contrary, electric scooters are also a good source of exercise but perform less than electric bikes. 

When To Choose An Electric Scooter?

There are also a few things such as portability, saving money, good-looking transport, etc., when choosing an electric scooter rather than an electric bike. 

  1. Portable & Easy To Handle

Electric scooters have become more popular because of their excellent portability. They are very lightweight, not weighing more than 22 lbs/10 kg. You can carry these with you where you need to. 

But in the case of electric bikes, these are heavier in weight, more than 60ibs/30 kg, than electric scooters. Electric bikes have no foldable capability; thus, you can not carry them. 

However, if you fold your electric bike, it may hamper the parts of your bike & look weird. 

  1. More Controllable

Electric scooters are more controllable than electric bikes. Learning an e-scooter takes a little time & you can easily learn it. It’s hard to find someone who takes a long-time to learn to ride an electric scooter.

But learning an e-bike takes a long time, and if you don’t ride it properly, it may cause serious accidents. 

E-scooters are the better option in case of traffic jams. As they are easy to ride, they are easy to control. It’s a plus point for e-scooters. 

  1. Easy To Store & Fewer Chances Of Steeling

You can easily store an e-scooter because these are foldable. It takes less space to store and reduces the chances of steeling as you can carry it. 

But e-bike needs much space for storage as these are not foldable. You can not carry it with you, so thieves can steal your bikes if you don’t use a smart lock. 

  1. Price

E-scooters are more cost-effective than electric bikes. The average cost of an e-scooter is almost $500. Xiaomi M365 Pro costs less than $700. For the high-quality brand, it ranges from $1200 to $1500. 

As electric scooters are cheaper, students and people having a low budget can easily afford these.

For an e-bike, you should have at least $3000, and it’s too high for normal people. If you don’t have this budget, it’s better not to think about an e-bike. 

  1. Easy To Maintain

The parts of both vehicles are similar, and if you find any damaged parts, you need to fix them. It’s easy to clean both vehicles and last approximately the same time. So, why is it easy to maintain an e-scooter?

Maintaining an e-scooter is easy because there are no chains and gears. In the case of an e-bike, chains break down most of the time; it costs a lot to fix. 

Electric scooters have fewer moving parts and hub motors that hardly damage. Thus they are simple to maintain. 

Final Thoughts: Electric Scooter Vs. Electric Bike

Both have pros & cons. You know which one is suitable for you. It depends on your needs whether you need electric scooters advantages or electric bikes advantages. However, most people prefer e-scooters, especially since they are students’ right choice.

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