Features and Difficulties in the Process of Writing an Essay

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As practice shows, one-third of students experience difficulties in writing an essay. It often happens that, having excellent knowledge of the subject, the student is completely unprepared for the assignment. The task of the teacher while assigning a task is to reveal its content and structural and organizational features.

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Features of essay writing

Essay writing is a productive activity. The success of this type of task is not only in the correct use of vocabulary and knowledge of the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also in the ability to independently think creatively and express one’s point of view in writing in accordance with the communicative task. First of all, students should be able to correctly determine the type of task for a written statement: “your opinion” or “pros and cons,” as well as know the “rules of the game” – the structure of the essay and the criteria for evaluating it. To do this, students need to create an essay plan. Also, they should learn to recognize the type of essay, divide the text into paragraphs, and correlate text paragraphs by volume.

At the initial stage, such exercises as determining the type of essay from the two proposed ones, dividing the text into paragraphs, and restoring the correct order of paragraphs in the text are also effective. After such exercises, students, as a rule, are already quite well versed in the types of essays and are able to build paragraphs.

Difficulties in essay writing

It is necessary to dwell in more detail on the preparation of an essay of the argumentative type since expressing one’s own opinion on the proposed problem causes the greatest difficulties for students. The easiest way to learn how to write an essay is to compose the so-called “skeleton” and memorize it. We are talking about such a plan that could become a universal basis for any essay; it is better if there are two or three of them. The essay must be logical and consistent, so students must be fluent in the means of a logical connection. Drawing up a simple table in which the means of logical connection are divided into sections: Introduction, your opinion, the points list, introducing contrasting viewpoints, introducing examples, and conclusion, helps to systematize and visualize them very well.

Various exercises are offered for training means of communication: finding them in the text and underlining; the distribution of words and expressions in columns in accordance with their functions – the introduction of an argument in support of the expressed thought, contrast, conclusion; deletion of “extra words”; filling gaps in the text both within the sentence and between sentences; error correction.

Now, when there is such a detailed plan, it is easy to fill it with content, provided that students have a sufficient lexical repertoire and know how to use grammatical constructions correctly. You can get a higher grade for these two points.

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