Five tips to make a perfect offer

Finding the perfect house is not the only task; you need to make an ideal offer that will get you the house. We all wish to call up the seller and make an offer; unfortunately, things are not that simple. It gets even more complicated when several buyers are making an offer. In this case, you need to make sure your request is perfect for getting the upper hand. 

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The Price

It would help if you’re careful regarding the price you mention in your offer letter as that’ll be the most significant determining factor of you getting the house or not. If you say a price that is too low, the seller will reject your offer as there will be other buyers in the market willing to pay more. Similarly, if you add a price that is more than the house’s actual value, the seller will accept your offer; however, you will be paying more than it is worth. Therefore you must offer an accurate price that follows the market rates. Having a market analysis done helps determine the property’s precise value.

Down Payments

Downpayment is a certain % of the entire value of the house that you pay at the start of the deal. If you fulfill all the conditions, this amount will be adjusted in the final amount. However, if you fail to meet the requirements, the seller can refuse to sell the house to you and keep this amount. This down payment amount is paid to prove to the seller that you are a serious buyer and will not back out last minute. Since this acts as their security, the higher the down payment amount, the stronger your offer.

Period of Payment 

The seller will want the money as soon as possible, but it is not always possible for a buyer to give the money immediately. To avoid any arguments in the future, you need to make the period for payment clear in the offer letter. You should first do your analysis and decide when you will be in a position to pay the entire amount. The period can range from a month to three months. It is also essential to keep in mind that the seller will most likely reject your offer if you plan on paying too late. Therefore a characteristic of a perfect proposal is a payment deadline that is not that far.

A pre-approved letter

You must mention how you will finance the house and the method of payment you will use. If you plan to buy the property on the mortgage, you must have a pre-approved letter. A pre-approved letter is an official document that states the lender’s name and the amount they are willing to lend to you. A seller needs to know that you can afford the house and not waste time. A pre-approved letter acts as proof and makes the seller more comfortable. Moreover, having a pre-approved letter fastens the process, which is beneficial for both you and the seller.

Being flexible with the conditions

It would be best to think about all the matters you feel strongly about and put your demands before the seller. Many buyers are only willing to buy the house after certain conditions are met. For example, they may demand certain repairs to take place or for specific papers to be made. While it is essential to mention your conditions, you should ensure that you are not overly demanding. Asking for more than what you are paying for will only lead to your offer being rejected. Hence you should carefully frame your conditions. The best opportunity for you to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad


These components are critical in determining how strong your offer will stand. A more substantial offer for several buyers for that house will make you stand out. Hiring a real estate agent or attorney before drawing up an offer letter is essential as these experts will beable to guide you and help you draft a perfect offer letter.

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