Functional Medicine: How It Differs From Other Types of Approach

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to health that addresses imbalances in the body. This is a different approach from traditional Western medicine, where you take a pill to fix an ill. Instead, functional medicine treats the cause of the imbalances, which are the underlying cause of your condition. This approach is based on science and aims to correct these imbalances so you can feel better.

It is Based on Science

Functional Medicine Denver, CO practitioners treat the whole person rather than the symptom. This approach looks at the interaction of genes, biochemistry, and pathophysiology to optimize a person’s health and function. In addition to studying the human genome, functional doctors examine how specific nutrients affect the human body. They also learn how different treatments interact and how they can help a patient achieve optimal health. During training, functional doctors attend seminars and work at an institute for functional medicine.

A foundational principle of functional medicine is recognizing that every individual is unique. The medical community can better manage the body’s symptoms and prevent future illnesses by treating the individual individually. This philosophy is rooted in science and seeks to change our approach to disease.


Functional medicine is a medical field that harnesses the body’s natural healing powers. Unlike conventional medicine, which views the body as a collection of individual parts, practitioners of functional medicine focus on the individual as a whole. This specialized approach can involve chiropractic care, diet, exercise, and comprehensive blood testing. These tests are essential for discovering the root causes of illness and identifying nutritional deficiencies that can cause symptoms and disease progression.

Functional medicine aims to restore a patient’s physiology to optimal health. The approach uses advanced diagnostic tests to identify underlying causes and treat the patient’s unique condition. It also promotes lifestyle changes, which are crucial for a successful outcome.

It is Effective

Functional medicine is a type of health care that treats the whole person instead of the disease. The approach to disease is based on lifestyle factors rather than medical causes. Patients will often be given a personalized plan to treat their illnesses. This customized approach allows patients to experience long-term relief from chronic conditions. In addition, it can help people reverse chronic diseases.

Functional medicine practitioners will use thorough patient history and advanced laboratory tests to determine what is causing the disorder. They will also look into the patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits to decide whether or not they may contribute to the condition. Diet and lifestyle changes, as well as counseling, are common treatments. Some patients may require supplements and medications as well. Functional medicine practitioners will encourage patients to take an active role in their health. Patients who better understand their bodies are more likely to experience successful treatments.

Treats Chronic Illnesses

Functional medicine addresses the root causes of chronic illness to help patients regain their health and extend their life span. It treats the body’s normal functioning by restoring biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to chronic disease. This approach allows the body’s healing abilities to address the root causes and improve the body’s organ reserve.

Functional medicine focuses on healthy lifestyle changes rather than medication and vaccines. Chronic disease can be a long-term problem and is a significant burden for patients, caregivers, and society. Many chronic diseases are caused by systemic inflammation and may be prevented by reducing these factors.

Focuses on Addressing Imbalances in The Body

Functional medicine is a healthcare approach that focuses on correcting imbalances in the body. This form of health care aims to empower the patient to control their health. Unlike conventional medicine, this approach puts the keys to health in the patient’s hands. The more knowledge one has about their health, the more power one has to make changes that will improve their health.

Functional medicine is based on the idea that the body is an integrated whole and that its dysfunctions can be attributed to how it functions. In this approach, pharmaceutical science combines dietary, lifestyle, and environmental changes to treat disease at its source. This approach to health care involves examining the entire body and its underlying causes and engaging the patient and practitioner in designing a unique health management program. The doctor listens to the patient’s history and then creates a plan of action tailored to their needs.

Not a “Pill For An Ill” Approach

Functional medicine is an alternative health practice that aims to resolve the causes of disease and treat the underlying causes instead of just a “pill for the ill.” Unlike traditional medicine, where patients are treated by taking drugs for various ailments, functional medicine seeks to treat the underlying causes of illnesses. Because different conditions are caused by other factors, available medicine practitioners tailor treatment plans to address those causes. After completing treatment, practitioners encourage their patients to continue a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to addressing the causes of disease, functional medicine looks at the lifestyle and environmental factors affecting a patient’s health and hereditary factors. It also focuses on the relationship between these factors and internal physiological processes. The goal is to help patients lead longer, healthier lives.


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