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Get Certificate of Divorce From Union Council in Pakistan After Khula

Certificate of Divorce From Union Council in Pakistan:

 If you need divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The Divorce Certificate Nadra & Pakistani Divorce Certificate, U need to Take The Guide On Nadra Divorce Certificate procedure. Evidence already registered by the District Judge could not be treated as having been validly recorded by such Court for the divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Family Court:

 The Family Court to which the suit might be presented having jurisdiction in the matter could not decide the case on such evidence after hearing the parties. The order of custody passed by the District Judge was set aside by the High Court. The matter was remanded to the District Judge for entrusting the same to the Court of competent jurisdiction, i.e., Civil Judge/Family Court. The appeal was allowed accordingly on divorce from union council or divorce certificate in Pakistan. The parents of the minor were separated after the divorce.

Application For Custody:

The paternal grandmother looked after the minor. The mother of the little filed application for Custody of minor and the child’s grandmother contested the same child’s grandmother challenged the same. Guardian allowed the application in favor of the mother. The appeal was filed by the grandmother of the minor before the Lower Appellate Court, which dismissed the same on the ground that under the provision of S.47(c), Guardians and Wards Act 890, Lower Appellate Court had no jurisdiction to entertain the appeal.

The validity, were Civil Judge had acted as a Guardian Judge appeal against his order would lie to the District Judge under the provision of S. 14()(6) of west Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 Judgment/order of the Lower Appellate court, dismissing the appeal was set aside. To invoke provisions of S.15l, C.P.C., was to be shown that there was no other relevant provision in the code and that invocation or S.151, C.P.C. would meet the ends of justice for divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan. An application under S.151, L.P was tried in a pending proceeding and said application could not be maintained independently of proceedings.

Divorce Certificate in Pakistan:

For exercising powers under S.151, L.P on divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan was exercised. It was a precondition that Court exercising such powers possessed the jurisdiction. Use or powers by Court could not be resorted to independently as the same could be used only in aid of jurisdiction specified in Civil Procedure Code.  The order was passed by Family Court/Senior CMI Judge. Appeal against such order would lie before District Judge and not before the High Court as provisions or West Pakistan Family Arts Ac, 1964 had overriding effect upon provisions or Guardians and Wards Act, 1890. Even under new proviso to S.47 of Guardians and wards Act, 1890, such appeal would lie before the district court on divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Constitutional Petition:

Constitutional Petition would not lie before High Court in any manner.  Guardian Judge granted Custody or minor to petitioner, but District Judge in appeal reversed Judgment or Guardian Judge, against which petitioner had filed the constitutional Petition on divorce from union council in Pakistan or divorce certificate in Pakistan. District Judge, while the deciding case was influenced by prescriptions of a Psychiatrist and drew inferences from that place without realizing that it neither produced said it examined neither drugs in original nor their author to prove them by provisions or law or evidence.

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