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Take Guide On Case of Court Marriage and Nikahnama in Pakistan

Case of Court Marriage and Nikahnama in Pakistan:

 If you have a case of court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan, You may contact Jamila Law Associates. On conjugal rights, toddy of children guardianship, the appearance of parties in person. Suit about family matters could be filed before Family Court by the presentation of an objection on court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan.

Presentation of Sorrow:

The court on presentation of sorrow was to fix a date for the appearance of defendant issue summons for an appearance on the date fixed therein. If the defendant received summon, he should appear before the Family Court and file a written statement with witnesses. Pardanasheen lady/party to a family Suit might be permitted to be represented by a duly authorized agent. The defendant was not bound to appear in person before Family Court.

Statutory Right:

The right to be represented through counsel was a statutory right. An agent could perform every lawful action which was necessary to do such act of court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan. When a party was not required to appear personally, he could be represented through an attorney or counsel. Court had to confirm the genuineness of pleadings/presentations and consent of parties to be represented, having not been obtained through force, fraud, or undue influence. Counsel appointed by a party to the proceedings could represent their client before the court for court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan. Execution of talaqnama was the written instrument and proof of such appointment. The mere omission of certain particulars in the talaqnama was an irregularity that would not vitiate the relations between the council and client.

Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Family Court for court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan could strike off defense if interim maintenance had not been complied with and decree the suit. If the defendant’s conduct was obstinate and he had willfully disobeyed the lawful order of Family Court, then the court had jurisdiction to strike off the defense. A written statement was signed by one of the defendants and counsel in the present case. Submission of Dower of attorney at a belated stage was not fatal. Order for striking-off defense in the presence of a valid written statement.


Non-signing of pleadings and talaqnama were mere irregularities and said it could cure defects at any stage by allowing the party to put their signatures on the same for court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan. If any of the defendants had signed a written statement, it would be deemed a valid written statement before the court. If there was any defect in a power of attorney attested by the Consulate of Pakistan abroad. The defendant had been restrained from defending his case through impugned order against the law; said order being illegal and final, was amenable to the constitutional jurisdiction of the High Court.

The defendant could be represented through a duly authorized agent. Wakalatnama should be returned to the counsel for the defendant to resubmit the same before the Trial Court for court marriage in Pakistan or nikahnama in Pakistan. Defendant-husband was allowed to place on file a power of attorney executed in his favor.

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