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Digital infrastructure pioneer and a significant provider of data center consulting, colocation, and interconnection services throughout the globe, EES (Enterprise Engineering Solutions) was founded in 1994. The financial, transportation, industrial, public sector, healthcare, and education sectors are now better connected than they have ever been because of the cloud’s emergence.

(EES) was attempting to strengthen its data center services and network operations infrastructure while the rest of the world was wrapping up its internet networks. In a few hours, as many as 40 data centers were not built.

Data Center Services

Enterprise Engineering Solutions, Inc. (EES) was established to provide its customers with a firm foundation for the digital era. Using EES to connect data centers and internet gateways will make the internet and the cloud a more productive and secure place for everyone involved: users, employees, and shareholders.

Because of its innovative approach, new products and business models, and industry-leading technology, Enterprise engineering solutions, inc. (EES) is a world-class supplier of comprehensive data center services. Customers of EES (Enterprise engineering solutions, inc.) may use digitalization to expand their businesses and reach a global audience more quickly and conveniently.

With the help of EES’s leadership, we want to serve our clients better. The leadership team significantly impacts our capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Data Center Managed Services

EES’s data center consultants make it easy to combine data and applications quickly. In addition to Google and Amazon, there are many additional choices. Enterprise Engineering Solutions, Inc. (EES) gives remote access to experienced hands, so the organization’s in-house specialists may get hands-on expertise from outside the company. They improve the data center’s performance. One of their numerous talents is responding to situations around the clock, 365 days a year. Every business’s specific location and needs are considered while creating the services.

Data center and network administration, mobility and infrastructure management, and backup and recovery are just some of the enterprise engineering solutions (EES) services.

Why Do You Need a Third-party Service Provider for your Data Center?

For this reason, we can maintain an efficient IT infrastructure. As early warning systems, we can interrupt normal operations before they ever occur. Any advantage that a firm may gain is a good thing. When it comes to managing a website, this is a good example. Having an issue with your website might cause it to malfunction or even shut down. Specialized security personnel are employed by facilities that are controlled. Any issues will be found swiftly by the system and the on-site engineers. On the other hand, preventive security seeks to thwart possible dangers before they arise. Cloud service providers will not accept your on-premise security.


Your consumers will appreciate being able to scale up and down as needed. When the on-site equipment approaches the end of its useful life, it must be replaced. They are a different story when it comes to managed colocation services. As long as more servers are deployed as required, the transition will be simple. As your firm expands, the funds available for capital improvements decrease.

The carbon footprints of certain companies are closely monitored and offset in some cases. It is vital to keep your equipment under control to avoid wasting energy. Managed hosting service companies know how to keep things cool because of their higher capacity. Data Center Consulting services of EES can help you in various ways. 

You are constantly looking for the newest and best in technological advancements. Suppose the equipment is still functional, but the production method that made it is no longer functional? How else can you dispose of a thing that has served its purpose and now has to be thrown away? If you choose a managed colocation service, you will not worry about these difficulties. Their computers are overclocked, and only high-end hardware is used. Solutions that are good for the environment are employed after a component has been broken down. When cleaning up your digital waste, you do not have to worry about hiring an expert.

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