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Getting hair extensions: What I wish I’d known before

Hey guys! I am here today to talk about a fantastic hair brand called JuvaBuns. They have a variety of services available for their customers, including hair accessories, hair colouring, hair extensions, hair care, hair cuts, and hairstyles. I have been using hair bun extensions for a long time. Still, the moment I switched to JuvaBuns for my hair-related things, my life has been wholly sought out, and I thank them for not just providing me with their flawless products but also enlightening me with so many tips and tricks; about my hair!

Are you ready to learn these wonderful life hacking tips and tricks about hair extensions? There are some amazing hacks that I would love to share with your guys. To create a gorgeous and classy style of your hair extensions, just follow some of these tips: try to braid your natural hair before putting in the extensions, try sleeping with your ponytail or braided hair extensions, store them properly in a clean place and always style them before applying it in your hair rather than after, also wash them and take good care of the extensions, and attach them upside down with a ponytail. 

Always Go For A Brand That Specialises in Hair Extensions 

JuvaBuns has a wide range of sleek and classy hair extensions made out of environmentally friendly materials which are not harmful to the skin of your hair.  I would say the best hair extensions to use are the tape-in extensions, they can be used up to 6-8 weeks and are the most accessible and safest of all, and they can be applied by the fastest method and cause no damage to the original hair.  

Apart from these things, did you know that JuvaBuns is giving 50% off on all of your favourite holiday items! And they offer free shipping on orders above $40! They also have a quiz on their website which finds out the perfect match of hairdo for your type, texture, and colour of hair. They aim to make you feel confident and unique in your natural hair without changing the actual look of your hair because no matter what age, height, colour you have, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! They wanted to make women feel secure and happy about their hair, especially those with thin hair, and the team of JuvaBuns worked for two years to create this website and a platform for women worldwide. 

They not only help you to style the hair extensions that they provide but also emphasise styling your natural hair with the most trendy and unique hairdos. They have their website, their pages on Instagram and Facebook to reach an audience who search for classy, easy to carry, and manageable hair extensions in various types and colours. 

Go For Extensions Which Can be Styled Easily if You Are a Beginner! 

They are so helpful and handy for those women who do not feel like doing their hair every day or styling them. Some middle-aged women reach menopause, and their hair grows thin, making them shy or unintentionally weak. Still, they can quickly solve this issue by using these buns and various kinds of extensions available. If you have a bad hair day, JuvaBun is the solution! They produce better products for the community, earth, hair, and time. The average use of a JuvaBun is 282 days, and it takes about 32 seconds for an average woman to put on their JuvaBuns. When I use them daily, the curly bun, braid, ponytails for straight and wavy hair makes me feel like a goddess and confident about my hair. 

Even when my friends and colleagues ask about the secret behind these thin and soft, chic hairdos and looks, upon telling them that these are extensions, being surprised is immeasurable. And I don’t remember how many people have visited JuvaBuns and bought their products upon my recommendations and gave in 100% reviews of how effortlessly perfect and lovely their hair extensions are, which not just make them look and feel self-assured, but also beautiful. 

You know I have tried making a bun with my natural hair, and it always ends up looking like I have slept on it, it looked lopsided, it never looked full, and I thought JuvaBun was going to be the best solution for my problem, so I wanted to try it out. I ordered my first product, delivered within the given time frame without any sort of trouble. It was packed well, honestly least expected from an online ordered product. They promise instant hair volume, with super relaxed hair which stays in place all day and styles your hair in seconds. 

I love how they provide the exact colour of the hair extensions matching your shade and texture so perfectly. But it was a bit hard for me to select the correct colour of my hair; I had to grab my phone and hold it next to my face looking into the mirror for the right colour. I know it sounds so funny but haha. 

Look Fancy, Stylish & Effortlessly Beautiful in Minutes 

I like to use cream in my hair to make it softer and easier to manage before applying the bun and then use hair spray afterwards to make the baby hair settle in. I liked the whole look later of how fancy and sleek it made me look, so I decided to wear it twice, then thrice and now my day feels incomplete without one of their super-refined products. I highly recommend you visit their website for any hair tips and tricks and the best hair extensions ever, which are so affordable and handy, matching your actual hair colour and texture. 

I will drop in the link below, check out, and thank me later, guy!

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