What Is Hot Waxing? What Are The Benefits Of Hot Wax?

Hair removal is one of the regular activities in the lives of many people. Different techniques are adopted to perform this task. Some people use epilators, some remove hair using creams, or razors and some women use wax. Waxing is one of the most used procedures for hair removal.

You might have noticed, that salons either use hot wax or strip wax for hair disposal. These are the main methods of waxing used these days.

Hot wax is a thick wax and is available in hard wax beans. It is heated and applied directly to the skin using fingers. It is allowed to set and harden and is pulled with fingers without any need for wax strips.

Strip wax is wax that is applied to the skin using a spatula in a thin layer. A wax strip is placed on it immediately, rubbed, and pulled to remove hair. You can also check wax strips price in Pakistan online.

Both kinds of wax are advantageous and beneficial for the areas they are used for. Both waxes are used for specific body parts for valid reasons.

In this article, we will discuss both waxing methods and also the benefits of hot wax.

How To Use Hot Wax? What Are The Benefits Of Hot Wax?

There is no particular way to use hot wax. However, these are the steps that are followed during the application of the wax.

  • The hot wax is heated.
  • A slightly thicker layer is applied to the skin using fingers.
  • It is allowed to cool and turn hard in a few seconds.
  • The wax is then removed by fingers easily and painlessly by lifting it from the corners.

The Benefits Of Hot Wax Include:

  • Less ingrown hairs.  
  • Reduced hair breakage.
  • Hair removal from the root.
  • Extended hair regrowth cycle.
  • Can be reused a few times without irritating.

Moreover, hard wax or hot wax is excellent for small and sensitive body parts. It is safely used on the bikini area, armpits and face. Sensitivity and the hair density of the clients also decide which type of hair wax must be used.

What Is Strip Wax?

A wax that uses strips to remove hair is known as strip wax. Strip wax usage is recommended on larger areas of the body with softer hair. Arms, legs, chest, and back areas are ideal for strip waxing.

This type of wax is not encouraged on sensitive areas as it can cause bruises on those areas sometimes.

One of the benefits of strip waxing is that it is time-efficient. Strip wax is more common than hot wax and is easily available in every salon.

Is Hot Wax Painful?

Hot wax is not painful as the heat opens the pores. Moreover, it adheres to hair strongly which makes the removal of stubborn hair easy and pain-free.

Who Performs Body Wax?

Wax specialists or aestheticians are the people who perform body wax. People who crave grooming visit them. They are trained in their field and help you in getting rid of unwanted body hair from different parts. These experts practice several types of waxing that include strip, hot, Brazilian, and Hollywood waxing.

What Is The Hot Wax Price?

Hot wax is an economical hair removal method. The hot wax price in Pakistan is as low as PKR 100 and as high as PKR 1000. The price of the wax depends on the company name and also the weight of the packet.

Hot waxing is gaining popularity day by day. It is suggested that to decrease the chances of irritation and bruises, waxing must be received from a specialist. Furthermore, consider the suggestion of the aesthetician to receive satisfactory results.  

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