Hackers blackmail NVIDIA, Samsung, Qualcomm confidential source code stolen, who is next?

Recently, South Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics responded to a recent attack by the hacker organization Lapsus $ , which resulted in the leakage of a large amount of confidential data. Samsung Electronics stated that after discovering user data loopholes or leakage, it immediately established the company-wide information protection center and the MX Department security team in charge of mobile terminals to strengthen the security system. The leaked data contains source code related to the operation of Galaxy devices but does not contain any personal information about customers or employees.

The hackers from Samsung’s 190gb server did not reveal the source of the data stolen from Samsung’s 190gb server last week.

According to reports, Lapsus $ has not requested a ransom from Samsung, nor has it expressed any kind of cooperation with Samsung. The upcoming leak has been described by Lapsus as containing “Samsung confidential source code” from the vulnerability.

According to reports, Lapsus $ will divide the leaked data into three compressed files. These compressed files are nearly 190 GB in size and will be downloaded by the outside world via a point-to-point network. It will distribute the content to over 400 peers. It also stated that more servers would be deployed to speed up downloads.

The first section is about the source code and related data of various projects such as security/defense/Knox/bootloader/trustedapps and others.

The second section contains the source code as well as relevant data about equipment security and encryption.

The third section contains data from Samsung’s GitHub, mobile defense systems, front-end, back-end, and SES.

Lapsus $claimed to have obtained the source code of trusted applets installed in the TrustZone environment of Samsung. Previously, the hacker group claimed to have carried out a network attack on chip manufacturing behemoth NVIDIA, claiming to have stolen nearly 1TB of data and publicly demanding a ransom. Hackers stole information from over 71000 NVIDIA employees, according to the alert website have # I # been # Pwned. Several NVIDIA email addresses known to techcrunch appear to have been compromised.

To demonstrate that they are not joking, they also disclosed the passwords of some NVIDIA employees to log in to the intranet and stated that they would immediately disclose the data about the RTX # GPU.

Samsung mobile phones are used to perform sensitive operations, algorithms for all biometric unlocking operations, and boot loader source code for all the latest Samsung Galaxy devices.

The media and government organizations can no longer satisfy Lapsus $ appetite as an emerging hacker organization. They have used advanced security measures to target large technology companies such as NVIDIA and Samsung, and are now demonstrating their strength by attacking a variety of large technology companies.

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