Helpful Hints to Keep Your Home Cooler in South Florida Summer   

Are you making the most of your home air conditioning unit? Most people would answer, ‘I don’t know!’

Don’t worry if you’re clueless about maximizing the power of your air conditioner. At Edward’s Air, we believe that educating customers about air conditioning systems is more likely to result in efficient operation and minimal cooling issues when needed the most. Here are seven things to help you maximize your cooling unit’s efficiency:

  • Try Not to Tweak Your Thermostat! It gets steamy in South Florida. Many homeowners mistakenly think that lowering the temperature will help cool the house quicker. As tempting as it is to adjust that dial, we’re here to tell you that your cooling system operates at the same speed regardless of the temperature setting. The optimal temperature is 78 degrees; keeping it set there improves your HVAC system’s performance. If you insist on varying temperatures within a 24-hour day, a programmable thermostat is the way to go!
  • Focus on Fans! Most Floridians have ceiling fans and floor units. They aren’t just for emergencies when your air conditioning system breaks down! We have many months throughout the year with more moderate temperatures. Try turning off your air conditioning unit at night and feel the breeze created by your fans! It also circulates fresh air and gives your HVAC system a little break!
  • Close Your Curtains! Natural light can reduce lighting expenses, but closing your curtains makes your home much cooler. If you work outside the home, close all the curtains during the day. If you are home, close them in unoccupied rooms. When the sun sets, did you know that opening your curtains at that time enables hot air to escape?
  • Exhaust Fans are Fantastic! Exhaust fans are excellent for transferring the hot air created and lingering in your kitchen. If you fancy yourself a chef and cook a lot, equip your kitchen with a resilient exhaust fan.
  • Chore Channeling. Those of us with a 9-5 job often try to schedule our chores for during the day on Saturday or Sunday. Don’t! It’s not just about taking a break; it’s about optimizing your air conditioning. Washing machines and clothes dryers generate a lot of heat. Run them in the evening to avoid making your home hotter.
  • Frequent Air Filter Changes. Those filters have a job. They trap all sorts of icky stuff from circulating throughout the house via your central air conditioning system! Clogged filters mean your HVAC system must work much harder! Changing your filters frequently helps prevent inconvenient and exasperating air conditioning failures.
  • Make Maintenance Routine. Inspecting and servicing your HVAC system at least twice a year is ideal! Not only does it help maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, but it also helps identify any potential issues.

Edwards Air is your partner in keeping your home cool year-round. To assist you in maintaining your HVAC system, we provide affordable air conditioning maintenance contracts. In addition to maintaining your air conditioner, our agreements also offer other benefits. You will receive information on special offers or discounts on new equipment and a 15% discount on service and repairs. Remember, an efficiently running air conditioning system is a significant energy saver, reducing your energy bill. What you don’t have to remember is when to schedule your maintenance. We will call you when your system is due. You can trust Edwards Air to keep you cool!

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