Hire Civil Lawyers in Pakistan for Deceased Property

Civil Lawyers in Pakistan for Deceased Property:

For any issue regarding the deceased property if you need services of civil lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore you may contact Nazia Law Associates. He will generally do so if the cause of death:  was violent, or was accidental, or resulted from an industrial disease, or remains uncertain. If an inquest is held, the coroner will typically hold a preliminary hearing on request of civil lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore within a week or so of death. Our Civil Lawyer in Lahore & Civil Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is best and top. Now Choose Our Professional Civil Lawyers in Lahore & Civil Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan to Solve The Legal Issue.


This hearing will be for identification only, and formal evidence of the body’s identity will have to be given. The coroner will then release the body and so allow the funeral or cremation to take place. The inquest proper will usually occur some weeks later and will be an inquiry into the cause of death. The coroner may decide to sit with a jury. Before the burial can occur, the coroner must first issue a disposal certificate (either an order for burial or a certificate for cremation).

Post Mottem:

 After the post-mortem or after the preliminary inquest hearing through civil lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore, In addition, the coroner must also issue a cause of death certificate so that it can register the death. There are two possibilities: (a) if the post-mortem shows that death was by natural causes, the coroner will generally provide a pink form addressed to the registrar of deaths in a sealed envelope. Sometimes he will send the form directly to the registrar, in which case it will notify the relatives of its issue. (b) If a full inquest were held, the coroner would send a cause of death certificate direct to the registrar of deaths. 3. Registration of the death Register the death with the local Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths (address in the telephone book).

Law Firm in Lahore:

If the death has been reported to the coroner by civil lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore, it cannot be registered until the coroner has provided the necessary pink form or certificate (see above). Thus, nothing is done until the coroner notifies the relatives that the pink form or certificate has been issued.  If the death has not been reported to the coroner, it must be registered within five days. Documents needed are evidence of the cause of death (i.e., medical certificate provided by the doctor and or pink form provided by a coroner): the deceased’s NHS card, if available, any war pension order book of the deceased (if applicable and if available).

Date & Place of Death:

 In addition, the registrar will want to know through civil lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore: date and place of death; deceased’s usual address; complete Christian and surnames of the deceased (and maiden name, if a married woman); deceased’s occupation (and that of her husband if a married woman or a widow); deceased’s date of birth, and town, county, and country of birth; date of birth of deceased’s surviving spouse (if applicable);.   The registrar will then register the death and provide the applicant with:  (a) A certificate for disposal unless the coroner has already issued one. It will have to be produced to the funeral director before the burial or cremation can take place. (b) A certificate of registration of death.

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