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PDF splitters are useful tools that let people create new PDF files from the pieces of other files or reduce the size of oversized files. Merging and splitting PDF files have several uses and advantages. Users can merge many different files to create a more complete and comprehensive document without having to edit, print, or create new copies. Splitting a PDF file makes it more concise and relevant, while also cutting down on the time and effort it often took to compile a hard copy document from several other texts. There are many tools available to achieve both ends and these are some of the most popular and easy-to-use PDF splitters.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editing program that gives users a multitude of different tools to better manage their PDF files. The program is also available for download so users can continue to work on their files offline. Lumin has a browser-based interface that many users will find easy to navigate once they have downloaded it.

Unlike other programs, Lumin PDF users have to look for the Page Tools icon to open the merging, splitting, and combining features. Clicking on the Page Tools icon opens a drop-down menu for users to choose their specific function. If they select Merge, users will be prompted to enter the pages they want to be merged. Once selected, they can click Merge and the file will be created.

Combine PDF

Combine PDF is a popular PDF merging tool thanks to its ease-of-use and no-frills interface. The site has a simple drag and drop function to let users easily upload their files. Users can also upload their files from their local hard drives to begin the process of merging them. The program is only available online but the program deletes all uploaded files within an hour to keep them secure.


ILovePDF is a more comprehensive PDF editing tool as it offers not only merging and splitting functions but the conversion and editing options as well. The program is available for both online and offline use so users can download the program and perform PDF editing anywhere. It is also available for use on smartphones that run Android and iOS.

The program is available for free up to a point when users must pay and subscribe to a plan based on their needs (there are three different plans available). As for merging or splitting PDFs, users can simply drag and drop their files or upload them to the specific browser page. Once uploaded, they can select the pages they want to be merged or deleted and create the new file.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another all-in-one PDF editing program that gives users a lot of options when it comes to editing their PDF files. The program is available for both online and offline use and comes with downloadable versions for use on smartphones. The software has a lot of user-friendly features like the drag and drop functionality of many other online PDF editors.

Soda PDF also allows users to sync the program to their Google Drive so they can upload files directly from there. Users can choose to drag and drop their files to merge them or they can also upload them via the dialog box. Before merging, users can select the files or pages they want to merge specifically or even change the order of the pages to make a more streamlined document.


DocuPub has a bare-bones user interface that makes it easier for users to find and engage with the four main PDF editing tools available on the site. The program is also available for download although there is no downloadable application for use on smartphones. The four main PDF editing tools offered by DocuPub are compression, conversion, merging, and resizing.

Users can select Merge PDF

 from the top menu and open the page that lets them select the files they want to merge. Unlike other programs, users cannot drag and drop their files. But, they can select files as large as 25MB and choose to optimize their PDF for easier previews.

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