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Criminal Case Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:

The Pakistan Penal Code 1860, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1997 (better known as Qisas and Diyat Law) provides punishment in cases of murder and hurt on the recommendation of criminal case lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Our Criminal Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore know the Complete Way for Bail. Now Hire Our Criminal Lawyer in Pakistan To Get the Criminal Bail from Court.

Parliament of ACT:

 It was first promulgated as an ordinance and subsequently kept being promulgated until it was passed as an Act of Parliament. In the Parliament too, what debate took place appears to have remained confined to broad principles. The entire law revolves around a patriarchal structure. It makes criminal offenses a private matter rather than treating them as crimes against society. According to the criminal case lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, the introduction of wali gives dominance to men. This law will have to be revamped to protect the vulnerable and is not based on tribal concepts. Consider the examples provided in the text of the law itself in section 307(2): These examples make the point clear.

Concept of Wali:

Even though the concept of the wali is defined in a gender-neutral way as any person entitled to claim qisas, the language, and indeed the very scheme of the Act make it amply clear where the walait shifts to. The law is conceived and written, it would appear, on the premise that the wali is always a male. Nowhere do the illustrations cited above refer to the daughters, if any, of “A” The use of this biased notion of wali, thus, becomes a mechanism for perpetuating male domination. Proof of qatl-i-amd liable to qisas etc. [Sections 304(1) (b) & 304(2)] Apart from the introduction of the biased concept of wali, there are provisions in the amendment that are ambiguous and difficult to interpret clearly and unequivocally.

Interpretations Adverse:

This is particularly so concerning women, where there is room for interpretations adverse to their rights. That even such a possibility exists will be cause for constant uncertainty in the minds of the accused example one form of proof of qatl-i-amd is “by the evidence as provided in Article 17 of the Oamun-i-Shahadal, 1984” [Section 304()(6)]. That reference is to the following. It is, therefore, Islamic law. One judge may, for instance, hold a woman’s testimony equal to a man; another may give it half of that worth. By the time the superior courts and criminal case lawyer in Lahore Pakistan came around to resolving the issue, many avoidable inconsistencies and much injustice will have been perpetrated, etc., to the judiciary, who may not share the same opinion on the interpretation. In cases of hurt, too, the law provides the same categories of proof [Section 304(2)]. Our Criminal Lawyer in Lahore is best and Top For Law Matters.

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