Criminal Lawyer in Lahore For Habeas Corpus Petition

Criminal lawyer in Lahore & Habeas Corpus Petition:

Advocate Nazia is the best criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Facts and circumstances of the case and report submitted by S.H.O. concerned had clearly shown that when bailiff recovered the alleged detainee from Police Post. Our Criminal Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore know the Complete Way for Bail. Now Hire Our Criminal Lawyer in Pakistan To Get the Criminal Bail from Court. Neither his arrest was established in the daily diary nor complaint was demonstrated to the bailiff to the effect that rifle 222 bore had been recovered from the alleged detainee. Even no gun was delivered to the Bailiff. The petitioner’s contention through a criminal lawyer in Lahore was that the case against the petitioner was a counterblast seemed to be a genuine one.

Petitioner Counterblast:

When on the face of it was found that the case against the petitioner was a counterblast petitioner should not have faced the agony of trial as it amounted to an abuse of the process of law. Case registered against accused under S. 13 of West Pakistan Arms Ordinance 1965 was quashed. (2006 PCr.LJ 444).

 Habeas corpus petition:

Alleged detenu who was convicted and sentenced under S.40 of Frontier Crimes Regulation 1901 was alive and was in the safe custody of a body established under the law responsible for matters relating to the security of Pakistan. Held in the interest of security or State and for the safety of detenu, it was not necessary to order that alleged detenu be produced before the Court. (PCr.LJ 156).  

FIA Lawyer In Lahore:

The complainant’s case was that petitioners took away her daughter as one of the petitioners had an illicit relationship with her. Respondent got registered F.I.R through a criminal lawyer in Lahore, but police found the case false and prepared a cancellation report. The complainant filed a petition under S. 491 Cr.P.C for her daughter’s recovery, which was decided by the Court observing that matter was probed in by various authorities at the different levels. Still, the whereabouts of the complainant’s daughter could not also be known that if the complainant could locate her daughter anywhere in illegal custody of anybody, she would be entitled to get her petition restored to recover her daughter.

Daughter of the complainant having not been rescued; the complainant needed to place on the record of the Trial Court copy of the order passed in a petition under S. 491 Cr.P.C. The Trial Court was to consider the same before giving impugned order of summoning the accused. Still, having not been done impugned order of summoning accused was not maintainable and is not legal and proper was liable to be set aside. The impugned order was set aside. Trial Court was directed to pass a fresh order after considering the order passed on a petition under S. 491 CrP.C and after hearing the parties through a criminal lawyer in Lahore. (2006 YLR 1824).  

Pakistan Army Act 1952:

Alleged detenu had been tried under the Pakistan Army Act 1952 and awarded a sentence of one-year imprisonment by Field General Court Martial, which the concerned Brigadier had duly confined. Petitioners’ brother (Detenu) was thus not in the respondents’ illegal confinement, as stated by the criminal lawyer in Lahore. The petition was dismissed in the circumstances. (PLD 2005 Azad J&K 14).

Recovery of detenu:

Recovery of detenu from judicial lock-up of illegal confinement of registration of a criminal case against delinquent officials of Habeas corpus petition in High Court.


 The bailiff’s report revealed that said defendant was found in judicial lockup, and his arrest had not been shown in any case. A criminal case had been registered by DPO concerned against delinquent police officials. High Court directed to submit challan in the competent Court within two weeks. Order accordingly. (2005 PCr. LJ 6/3).  

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