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How Bfic Network App works – the best App for stake-mining Crypto

Cryptocurrency has already built up its roots deep. Some are buying it and some are mining it. Buying crypto can be a bit expensive but it is a steady and fast process. However, if you want to save some money and you have time, then you should go for mining Crypto

“How can I mine cryptocurrency?” you may be wondering. The solution is simple: some miners mine Crypto using powerful GPUs and mining grids, yet such GPUs and grids can be expensive to purchase. Keeping the need in mind, Innovation Factory, which is a fintech solution providing firm, developed an app “BFIC Network” for smartphone users to mine Crypto on their phones. 

BFIC Network

Let us start from the beginning. Bficoin is a third-generation blockchain-based decentralized coin. This coin was launched by Innovation Factory, a smart and innovative financial solutions provider. The BFIC ecosystem is massive, with 20 megaprojects.

The ecosystem is made up of a number of utility-based Bficoin projects. The BFIC’s value and utility are significantly increased as a result of this, making it a valuable cryptocurrency. BFIC Network is a part of a bigger picture.

Through staking, it allows real-time Crypto mining. The network is a system that allows a huge number of people to work together to earn actual Cryptocurrency in a mutually beneficial way.

BFIC network as well runs on its own third-generation BFIC blockchain. With a transaction speed is approximately 100,000 transactions per second, the system is extremely fast. It is the fastest and most profitable mobile mining network in the world.


You can mine BFICoins and earn the coins in real-time with this Network. It’s built on a blockchain and can be used to create a legitimately tradeable coin. It is a crypto coin that can be purchased, sold, or exchanged and have a genuine market value.

Furthermore, the value of BFICoins is increasing all the time. You may easily use them for online purchasing at the BFIC store, which has built online shops for more than 100 international brands. Bficoins can also be used for non-financial transactions (NFT), travel, tourism/accommodation packages, investments, and so on.

How to Start

The BFIC Network app has a straightforward user interface. Anyone can start mining BFIC after making an account. Despite the fact that she lacked technical knowledge. Following are the simple and easy steps to begin your BFIC stake mining journey:

  1. Download the Bfic Network App from the Google store or from their official site.
  2. Signup, using a referral link or signup by filling in the required credentials.
  3. Download & save your account key provided in PDF format after signup
  4. Add BFIC by copying the wallet address
  5. Select BFIC Network Address on XchangeOn deposit section
  6. Paste the wallet address copied from your BFIC Network account

BFICoin is required for sign-up and mining on the BFIC network. The cost of signup and BFIC stake mining is included in the price of one BFICoin unit. Logging in on a frequent basis earns you regular awards as well as a bigger BFIC revenue.

Stake Mining

Following three easy actions, a person can begin mining Bficoin.

  1. Sign up on XchangeOn and create your profile
  2. Buy Bficoin
  3. Signup on the BFIC network and start staking

The user interface on the Bfic Network is the greatest I’ve ever seen; even if you have no technical understanding, you’ll be able to get the job done. All you have to do is open the app and press the start mining button every 24 hours, and you’ll be rewarded with 0.5% of the coins you staked. Market conditions and your initial input dictate the rate of growth of the BFIC compound.

If you invest 1 BFIC

+200  days2 BFIC
+200 days4 BFIC
+200 days8 BFIC
+200 days16 BFIC
+200 days32 BFIC
+200 days64 BFIC
+200 days128 BFIC
+200 days256 BFIC
+200 days512 BFIC

According to this calculation, you will have 512 BFIcoins if you start your staking journey with just 1 BFIC. in other words, you can say that One BFIC can change your life.


Multiple rewards are generated by the BFIC network app based on parameters such as team strength mining, capital deposits, and direct rewards. Invite your friends to join the BFIC stakers and receive incentives and team awards divided around the 12 level team structure.

When you sign up via a referral link, you’ll get a Bficoin referral bonus. Use the appropriate credentials, a referral link, or simply signup to get started. Regularly logging in results in more frequent awards and a higher BFIC yield.

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