3 Secrets: How we can use Bficoin to become Rich

The year 2022 has begun, and the cryptocurrency industry has seen a significant drop. Many popular coins, like BTC and ETH, have dropped by more than 33%. Even in these difficult times, one coin continues to rise and set new records every day.

Despite being a newbie to the Crypto business, Bficoin managed to defy market expectations. A coin designed to be the backbone of global trade is not only increasing in value but also expanding as a utility-based endeavor.

In this blog, we will be looking over 3 secrets of how Bficoin will get you rich.

1.  Stake Mining

Bficoin is surrounded by an ever-expanding Bfic Ecosystem that helps the coin grow stronger. BFIC Network is part of this ecosystem. The BFIC network is a mechanism in which a huge number of users collaborate to earn legal cryptocurrency. This new platform is based on a third-generation blockchain, making it lightning-fast and more secure than other cryptocurrency networks.

It is the world’s first blockchain-based stake mining platform for any smartphone user since it allows users to mine Bficoin by staking. All you have to do is open the app and press the start mining button every 24 hours, and you’ll be rewarded with 0.5 percent of the coins you staked.

If you invest 1 BFIC

+200 days2 BFIC
+200 days4 BFIC
+200 days8 BFIC
+200 days16BFIC
+200 days32 BFIC
+200 days64 BFIC
+200 days128 BFIC
+200 days256 BFIC
+200 days512 BFIC

1 BFIC in 5 years will be equal to 521 Bficoins.

Rising from $5, the Bficoin has grown to a new all-time high of $45 in just one month. BFIC has already landed on the moon and now planning to go beyond it.

Price Growth Valuation 512 BFIC


By the time when BFIC reaches $1000, you will be the owner of BFIC worth $512,000.

2.  Exchange Listing

Without the support of major exchanges, buying and selling a digital asset becomes more challenging. Hence, there is a clear correlation between the success of a cryptocurrency and the number and quality of exchange listings it secures.

We have already seen a tremendous increase in the price of BFIC after it was enrolled on the United Exchange in the last week of January 2022. The coin took a huge jump of 45%. Listing on a major regional cryptocurrency exchange, apart from being listed on worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges, can have a significant influence because it allows local investors to invest and withdraw gains using their own local fiat currency.

In the next months, the company intends to list on a number of additional exchanges. This will very certainly result in a significant increase in the price of BFIC.

3.  Upcoming Projects

Innovation Factory has several forthcoming projects on their sleeves which will help make tons of money for the Bficoin consumers. Two of them will be launching this upcoming month.

●     Bulleto

Bulleto is a smart contract that will be used to produce multi-level income for BFICoins. Bulleto was initially published for the BFIC token, but owing to its overwhelming popularity, Innovation Factory is relaunching it for BFICoins as well.

●     1st Investment

Holders of BFICs can use this platform to create their own customized investment plans. It allows the user to invest in BFICs while receiving generous returns that may be withdrawn at any time. Earning money by investing in Bficoin through this platform will be a game-changer in the Crypto industry.

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