How Do I Select the Right Cell for My Dab Pen? 

The growth of the cannabis industry is seeing manufacturers introducing convenient and straightforward ways of enjoying the plant. One of these ways is by using a dab pen. Dab pens are relatively new, but users appreciate them for their ease of use. They’re also easy to maintain. 

Beginner dab pen users mistake putting raw cannabis into the instrument. This not only damages it but places a severe hash on your evening’s buzz. The primary way of ensuring that your dab instrument is at its best is by picking the correct dry herb vaporizer for it. How can you do this? The post below explains more. 

What Exactly is a Dab? 

A dab is a tiny bit of something. A marijuana dab has very high degrees of cannabinoids such as: 

  • CBG (cannabigerol) 
  • THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or tetrahydrocannabinol) 
  • CBN (cannabinol) 
  • CBD (cannabidiol) 
  • and so much more 

Some dabs are isolated concentrates, which means they contain very high cannabidiol levels (for medicinal use) or THC (for recreational use). Others are full-range concentrates, which means they have a combination of THC and CBD along with a broad array of flavonoids and terpenes. 

Dabs come in various forms like: 

  • Batter 
  • Crumble 
  • Honeycomb 
  • Badder 
  • Budder 

However, two of the most common forms are shatter and wax. You can use either of them in a dab pen. Wax is a better alternative for dab pens since it’s easier to split so that you can get a suitable dose. What’s more, it’s simpler to work with. 

About a Dab Pen 

Also referred to as vape pens and wax pens, dab pens are tools that work with concentrates or waxes. Please note that the two are identical. You breathe in the dab’s vapor to obtain its beneficial properties. The instrument has a specialized heating compartment for dabs. 

It’s made up of several parts: 

  • A mouthpiece 
  • A heating element 
  • A cartridge  

Factors to Consider When Picking a Dab Pen 

It’s essential to buy the right vape pen for the best experience possible. It might seem challenging with all the options available on the market. Here are some key aspects you should consider as you select your pen: 

Its Style and Appearance 

Your pen has to look attractive so you can enjoy using it. That’s why designers have developed a sleek yet practical look for their creations. The design allows for easier handling and storage. 

Its Safety Features 

Thankfully, dab pens don’t involve fire. They only atomize the substance. Therefore, there’s still a considerable degree of heat. If you’re using the instrument for the first time, you may forget to switch it off after use.  

Most creative manufacturers have included the convenient cut-off feature in their devices should such a scenario occur. Go for a pen that automatically goes off after ten or so minutes since you last used it. 

Its Battery Power 

The stronger the battery is, the more vaping time you receive. A preferable choice is the rechargeable lithium-ion with an energy output of 240mAh. With it, you can expect to get even a week’s use from a complete charge! 

Its Airflow Quality 

Airflow creates a quality vape cloud. The ideal pen will have a tunable airflow option. This is essential since the airflow level influences the vape cloud’s strength and taste.


How to Pick a Suitable Cell for Your Dab Pen 

Three main factors can help you to make a wise decision as you shop for a battery for your dab instrument: 

Consider the Battery Size 

Vape device manufacturers usually use two battery sizes for vape devices that need external batteries: 26650 and 18650. 26650 is a lesser-known kind that you can get in several mods. Its battery dimensions are slightly heavier at 22mm diameter in comparison to 18mm. They have strong power abilities. 

On the other hand, 18650 is more common in most vape mods. It’s popular because it strikes a nice balance between mAh and ampere that offers an unmatched vaping experience for a long time.  

It’s detachable and replaceable from the mod. What’s more, it’s more affordable. The naming standard shows the battery’s dimensions- 18mm diameter, 65mm height, and 0 for the cylindrical form. 

Learn the Cell Composition 

Vape cells usually arrive with a series of letters such as: 

  • INR (Lithium Manganese Nickel) batteries use manganese’s efficiency to offer enlarged battery capacity. 
  • ICR (Lithium Cobalt) batteries are currently the highest power designs for vape devices. They’ve got enhanced mAh ratings and are best for mechanical designs. 
  • IMR (Lithium Manganese) cells- they’ve got raised current flow capacity with fewer changes in internal battery temperatures. They don’t overheat the surrounding circuits or tools. 

Focus on Charging 

One top way to increase your batteries’ safety and lifespan is always to use the suggested chargers. They offer the right power degrees needed for secure charging.  

Smart chargers are an excellent pick for vape instruments. They comprise over-voltage shielding and over-discharge protection. 

Note that you should keep changing levels between 4.25v and 3.3v. Anything less or more than this range can injure your cell and make them useless after several charge patterns. 


Dab pens make the vaping experience smoother and easier. Therefore, it helps to find the ideal battery for yours. It might seem like a daunting task, but the result is worthwhile. Select the suitable battery today and experience weed vaping like never before. 

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