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How To Protect Your Kids From The Heat In Summer?

Summers are back and this time it is breaking all the records right from the very beginning. People have already started feeling the heat. Adults know how to protect themselves from the increasing temperature but what about the kids? They like to play all day long but of course, the summer heat is going to be a big problem with that. Needless to say, kids are prone to getting problems from heat and that’s the reason why parents get worried a bit more. To top all this up, schools have also reopened making parenting a bit more difficult. Especially in a country like India, where the temperature rises to approximately 50-degrees.

But don’t worry anymore, we have a few parenting tips that can help in protecting your kids from the heat. All you need to do is make a note of the important points and keep following them constantly. We have listed down things ranging from the food you should give them to custom kid’s clothing. Everything is here in this article.

  1. Try light-coloured clothes

You might have a kid who would be a fashion expert or someone who loves wearing different clothes and colours. But during summers whenever they are going out in the sun make sure they are wearing light-coloured clothes. It’s simple to explain this- wearing light-coloured clothes will help your kid to remain coolers. Where light-coloured clothes reflect sun rays, dark colours on the other hand absorb sunlight.

If your kid wears dark clothes, not only will it make the body warmer but also sweaty. And skin burns are also a common problem in summer so try to wear full sleeve clothes. If you don’t have enough clothes matching this description, then either shop it or order custom clothes for your child.

  • Keep them hydrated

Another concern that parents have to deal with is keeping their kids hydrated. Not all kids are fond of drinking water regularly. Some drink only when they feel an urge but 70% of our body is made of liquid and water balances them properly. Kids on average should drink about 5-6 glasses of water. This keeps them hydrated and body temperature in control. Moreover, the sun’s rays won’t have a harmful impact on the body either.

In summer, drinking water is also necessary because kids sweat a lot which takes away a lot of water from the body. So, make sure your child drinks enough water throughout the day.

  • Eating fruits regularly

Every small habit counts and eating fruits regularly is one thing that you should teach your child too. In summers, the majority of fruits are those having good water content and other properties that can help combat sunrays. Fruits are also high in nutrients that are beneficial for skin and health in season. If you research well, you will get to know how important it is to eat fruits daily. And when it comes to the summer season, fruits become a necessity. There are other benefits of eating fruits regularly.

  • Take a bath twice

You might already be brushing your teeth twice regularly? If not, do it! But this point is for bathing. When your child plays and gets exposed to the sun, their body temperature rises. And in summer, this becomes even more brutal. Therefore it is advised to take bath twice.

Bathing twice will keep your child’s body temperature under control and give them something to remain engaged. You can also try out taking swimming classes or prepare a small bathtub for your child. This will make bathing interesting and fun.

  • Take healthy diet

Your diet is going to be an important part of your daily routine. And when it is about summers, you will have to keep your kids stuck to the basics. During summer, food items get foul very soon and quickly. Therefore, it is advised to refrain your child from eating outside. Cook different food at home and keep your child in good health. Also, try to refrain from oily food items as much as possible. Rather give them fruits, salads, and nutritious food items to eat. This will be a dual thing for you. The child will remain healthy as well as hydrated.

  • Stand under shady areas

Let alone the afternoon, in summer even the early evenings are unbearable. So, be it during the weekends or any other day in the week. If you are going out in the sun, make sure you stay under the shed. If you stay exposed to the sun, it will surely take a toll on your kid’s body. There can be chances where they would feel weak and might faint too. Each time you head out, find a shady area. If your kid is going out alone, ask them to follow this tip to prevent heatstroke and other problems.

Also, you can tell your child to use an umbrella to create a barrier between themselves and the sun. This will be a very effective tool for your child. If they are too lazy to carry an umbrella you can ask them to wear a cap or a hat. That would also do the needful.

  • Take light meals

In the summer season, one should take light meals. This is not only for kids but for everyone. It is okay to take quick meals but keep them light. So this will keep your stomach full without increasing the temperature of your body. Also, it is advised that one should minimize the use of spices. All the spices you use in your kitchen, create extra heat in the body. This would make things worse if you go out in the sun during summer.

  • Applying sunscreen

Want to protect your child’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun? Then do apply sunscreen on it before leaving your house. You might not know about it, but applying sunscreen creates a barrier on your skin that sunrays fails to penetrate. This way your child can freely play without burning their skin.

But before you rely on the screen, you should check the appropriate SPF level. This is the ingredient that would help in preventing your screen.


We have mentioned a few of many things that can be done to protect your child from the heat in summer. But there can be a lot of other things that you might already be doing. With this list, you can simply add and extend your list. It will be helpful if you include these pointers because they will be helpful in one way or the other.

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