How Many Different Epilogues to Elden Ring Novels You Can Recall

In games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, there are a variety of ways to achieve victory. Elden Ring has been FromSoftware’s most ambitious and difficult video game to date, and it continues to be so. These two considerations combine to create a scenario where Elden Ring’s massive quest has more than one possible outcome. 

After you’ve defeated Elden Ring, you’ll need to replay the entire game in New Game Plus in order to buy Elden Ring runes. If you prefer, you can also watch them on YouTube if that is more your thing.) When it comes to starting the final boss battle, it’s critical to make the right decisions in order to increase your chances of success as much as possible. 

A step-by-step guide to obtaining all of the different endings in Elden Ring can be found in the following section. There will be no explanation for the endings in this episode, and no actual endings will be shown in this episode. This section does not contain any spoilers if the number of possible outcomes for Elden Ring is considered to be a spoiler in the context of this book. 

Count up how many different epilogues to Elden Ring novels you can recall off the top of your head right now. This is a difficult question to answer in the context of a game as large as Elden Ring. According to the simplest explanation, there are six distinct outcomes that could take place. Four of those endings, on the other hand, are strikingly similar to one another. Each of them comes to a neutral conclusion, but they are all different from one another. These endings will require a little more effort to obtain than the other two, but they will be more rewarding in the long run. 

After you’ve defeated the final boss, you’ll be prompted to perform a specific action, which will cause the game’s ending sequence to be triggered. If you have specific items in your inventory, you will be able to select them from a list of available options that will be presented to you. You’ll get a different result depending on which option you select. Thus, even if you have access to all four possible outcomes, you will only be shown the one you choose during the course of your journey. 

Completing the questline for the Elden Ring Best Seal for Incantations will grant you access to this item. Complete Ranni’s questline, which will take you to locations such as Nokron’s Lost City, Liurnia’s Divine Tower, and the Deeproot Depths, among other locations. To obtain this Mending Rune, you’ll need to speak with Fia and defeat the Lichdragon Fortissax dragon, but first, you’ll need to pay a visit to Fia and have a conversation with her. 

This Mending Rune, which is linked to Corhyn, is used to repair broken items and, like Fia, greets you as you enter the Roundtable Hold. It is used to repair broken items. The small town of Corhyn can be found near the Atlus Highway Intersection on the Atlus Highway. The Forst-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace, which is located a short distance up the road, is well worth the detour. If you use the nearby transporter, you’ll be able to meet an unusual and silent character who is dressed in a golden sunflower mask on another bridge in Atlus. Once you return to Corhyn and inform him of the whereabouts of the masked man, a new quest will be unlocked for you to complete. 

The Mending Rune of Perfect Order can only be obtained by tracking down a mysterious masked-man in Lynedell, the Capital of Ashes, and obtaining his assistance (once that area is unlocked in the main story). He can be found in Lynedell, the ash capital of the world (once that area has been unlocked in the main story). You must first obtain an important item as part of the Dung Eater’s sidequest assignment before you can proceed (see below). After you have obtained your first Great Rune, the Dung Eater’s spirit appears in the Roundtable Hold, and you must defeat him there in order to move on. If you present him with a Seedbed Curse, which can be found in Leynedell, he will reward you with the keys to the capital’s sewers. You must first present him with the seedbed curse before you can begin your journey. You’ll find four more Seedbed Curses in the woods, which you can give to him on your way back to town after passing through the sewers and a swamp on your way there. After you have completed this task, you will be given the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse as a reward. 

Completing the Three Fingers sidequest will result in an unfavorable outcome in the main storyline of the game. Continue your journey back to the Dung Eater’s quest location and sludge your way through the sewer one more time in order to complete this mission goal. 

If you look closely at the sewer system that you used to track down the Dung Eater, you’ll notice a hole on the right side that you can use to get in and out (you may need a lantern for this). The Dung Eater can be found by proceeding forward on the path, while the Three Fingers can be found by proceeding through the wall on the path to the right. For reference, a screenshot of the interface is shown in the gallery below.) It is necessary to travel through a dungeon in order to reach the Cathedral of the Forsaken; however, this is a dangerous journey. When you first arrive at the Site of Grace, you’ll be confronted by a boss known as The Lord of Blood, after which you’ll have to platform your way down a vertical shaft until you reach its bottom. Depending on how much armor you take off and how many weapons you disarm, the Three Fingers may come around and embrace you. 

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for your character, as opposed to simply providing the most entertaining experience for the audience, you must successfully complete Ranni’s questline. This side quest begins and ends at Ranni’s Rise, which can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes and serves as both a starting point and an ending point. Additionally, you’ll be taken on a journey through a literal wasteland of crumbling buildings, which will be discussed further below. This quest contains a large number of boss fights, which adds to the difficulty of the task. In exchange for your efforts and the knowledge you gain from the game’s lore, you’ll discover what will undoubtedly be remembered as Elden Ring’s happy ending (or something similar) at the conclusion of the game.

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