List of 20 Popular Outstanding Video Games like Life IS Strange

Life IS Strange is the best selling amazing game of all time and you can read about some Games like Life IS Strange in this article.


Life is Strange is one of the renowned adventurous video games with best-selling copies in the past, and being a gamer one should be anxious about either this game is for their playing stations or not. Well, Life is strange can be played on android, iOS, play station 3, and play station 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 0ne, and Xbox 360. This game was launched in the sequence of five in 2015. It was developed by dontnod Entertainment and was published by Square Enix.

The main character of this game is an 18 years old girl, a twelfth-grade student named Max Caulfeild, who discovers that she possesses the capability to rewind time by going back in time and seeing what others can’t see. She becomes able to save lives by witnessing them doing suicides and going back to save them and fix things related to her and other’s Life. The game revolves around this girl and her time rewinding experience by having a butterfly effect and different character arcs.

Gamers can rewind almost any action that has been taken before. The graphic effects of this game will definitely give gamers a very thrilling experience by solving puzzles and gaining rewards.

Let’s dive into some other games like Life is strange. This will be an excellent experience for our gamers, so let’s begin!

Details of Games like Life is Strange

Detroit: Become Human

Best alternative game to Life is strange for you if love this type of games. Detroit: Become Human is a video game that is similar to Live is strange because both are adventurous in their plot. Detroit: Become Human was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and was developed by Qunatic Dream in 2018. Play station four and Microsoft Windows users can get its experience by playing it. The main characters of this game are Connor –an android police investigator who’s task is to hunt android that has been distracted from their built-in behaviours, Kara – an android who develops artificial intelligence and Markus –a caretaker android who frees other androids from bondage. Critics had positive reviews for this game.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is much familiar to Life is strange because publications and development of both are the same. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is an introduction to Life is strange 2. Both are adventurous in their gameplay. Gamers will experience an exciting journey while playing it. The main lead is Chris Eriksen, who develops an alter ego Captain spirit to deal with his mother’s loss as he and his father are struggling with it. Earn many rewards while playing this game and accomplish the quest. Best alternative game to Life is strange for you if love this type of games.

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Tell Me Why (video game)

Tell me WHY is a transgender representative video game that stands out odd in line with other video games due to a transgender character –Tyler Ronan in it. The main character unites with his sister in the video game after the inscrutable death of his mother. It’s published by Xbox Game Studios and launched by Dontnod Entertainment. The game does not put a significant light on the transgender character of the main lead. Gamers will enjoy different game features that are included in this game. This game was launched in 2020. So it might be the latest game that you are planning to play.


Vampyr is a video game in which a gamer transforms itself into a World war -1 era British surgeon who is now a vampire and has to hunt lives. Gamers need to murder people to boost their powers. Supernatural abilities can also be used along with weapons to upgrade the gamer’s level. Dialogue option is also provided to feed an enemy. It is basically published by Focus Home Interactive and launched by Dontord Entertainment. This game received positive reviews, and almost one million copies were sold in 10 months of release.

The Walking Dead (video game)

The Walking Dead (video game) is based on the walking dead comic book series. The environment formed in the game is the same as that of the series. Some characters reappeared in the video game also. The video game revolves around a university professor and a criminal Lee Everett, who saves a little girl named Clementine. Gamers will definitely find it different from other zombie video games due to its plot and other features. The game was released by and published by Telltale Games.

Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror, will be for sure an adventurous video game that will be launched in December 2020 by donton Entertainment. Gamers will be able to play this game on their play stations as well as on Xbox. This game will include Sam as its main character and gamers will be able to slide between reality and Sam’s mind and his inner voice. Sam has come back to his town following his best friend’s death and is an investigative journalist. The elements of the game are familiar ones yet different. Gamers will make critical choices while playing and experience a mesmerizing game.

Minecraft-Story Mode Video Game

The Minecraft – story mode is a graphic video game in a series of five episodes that all were released up to 2016. It is deeply rooted in sandbox video game and is published and developed by Telltales Games. The main lead of the game is Jesses and his friends who must transform themselves into heroes in order to save the world. One of a best game similar to Life is Strange. Gamers can interact with different objects by choosing them and later using them in the story. Gamers can also do conservation and respond to quick attempt movements. This game has a sort of exploring experience that instills in the heart of gamers.


Unavowed is an interactive video game that includes the characters who experience some sort of supernatural power and later on become the part of an investigation group. At first, it’s your choice to choose a male or female protagonist. The gamer himself can select the scene changes and the difficulty level. The visuals, sound effects, storyline all will influence gamers to upgrade their level. You can choose different dialogues, effects and navigate the path. This game was developed by BioWare and published by Wadjet Eye Games in 2018. Critics and analysts had positive reviews for this game.

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 Sorcery is a thrilling adventurous video game just like Life is strange Sony Computer Entertainment publishes that. The game was launched worldwide in 2012 with brilliant features that intrigue game lovers. The game is all about a character names Finn who is an ancient man and has to protect his homeland from the man that queen has sent by performing arcane arts. About one million copies of this game were sold out showing the popularity as well a fine experience of this game.

Brothers –A tale of two sons

Brothers –A tale of two sons is an interactive video game that was published by 505 Games and developed by Starbreeze Studios. It was received prizes. The video game surrounds the main characters of two brothers who set on a journey to find a cure for their father illness. Gamers can control specific actions and complete the challenges provided in the game by using certain keys and by interacting with different subjects. The plot of the game is fictional. About 80,000 copies were sold.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a horror video game that indulges gamer interest as the game starts. The game is about eight members among which two have been labelled as missing persons, and the remaining six persons come to the same place a year later and are being chased by a masked man. The galvanic skin response and the butterfly effect are the major fear factor in the game and soundtracks that make the game full of appalling situations. This game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment to provide a game full of adventure.


Oxenfree is an inscrutable graphic adventurous video game in which the gamers will transform themselves into a teenage girl named Alex who along with her stepbrother heads towards a suspicious island as the night proceeds there begin to happen some unusual things and some supernatural activities. Gamers in the role of Alex must encounter these paranormal activities and stop it. The graphics of video games include dark black matter with a touch of bright digital elements. The game represents a walk and talks mechanism so it will be a fine experience provided by Night School Studios.

Night In The Woods

Night in the woods was developed by Infinite Fall, a video game that is adventurous as well as accompanied by an exploring experience. The main character of this game is a college return person named, Mae, who returns to her hometown and observes some changes over there. One of a best game similar to Life is Strange. After some time she gets a chance to go into the woods and faces some supernatural powers over there. Different characters also accompany her, and the storyline changes based on the choices a gamer makes as Mae other actions performed by Mae enable the gamer to enjoy exploring experience. This game was released for different playing stations in 2017.

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A fire watch is a game that was released for Microsoft Windows and other playing stations in 2018, but the events in the game are of the year 1989. This mysterious video game was developed by Campo Santo and published by Panic. The gamers will resolve themselves into a fire watch character named Henry whose work is to look out for the safety of the forest. Henry can communicate with his supervisor through a walkie-talkie device and figures out different mysterious things happening in the wild. The environment can be changed as the gamer interacts with different riddles. Millions of copies of the game were sold.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a shooter video game that can be played from the third-person perspective to add a little more to the field of entertainment. It’s a science-fiction based video game that includes Jack Joyce, who has a time pause experience and suffers from attack by different enemies by using different techniques. Gamers in the form of Jack are provided with multiple powers to cope with the enemies. This game was developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. The game plot, soundtracks, graphics all speak for the brilliant work done by developers.

Last Day of June

505 Games published the game Last day of June. It’s an interactive video game that involves two characters Carl and June who are spending some time with each other and face some tragedy resulting in the death of June. Carl after encountering the accident, comes home and can interact with different paintings made by June and can see events that could prevent her accident. One of a best game similar to Life is Strange. As soon as he changed the event, some other events occur, resulting in the death of June. Gamers keep on exploring different possibilities, but in the finale round June ultimately dies. Additional puzzles are solved to upgrade their level.

Gone Home

Gone Home is an exploring video game that can be played by a first-person view. The story revolves around a character named Katie, who has returned from an overseas trip and found her home empty and family members missing. She explores different areas of her house, solving various puzzles, finding additional notes to search for her family. Players must find out other elements of the game for their level to get upgraded and collect rewards. The game was developed and published by The Full bright Company.

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To the Moon

To the Moon is a video game that is based on the recollection of memories of a dying person to fulfil his last wish. It’s the game of two doctors who by using artificial intelligence, tries to go deep into the memories and interact with different objects. Gamers have to find out almost all the memories put them into a sequence to reach their ultimate goal and collect rewards. This video game is more like a story than a video game. However, critics praised this video game for its soundtracks and themes.

Broken Age

 Double Fine published Broken Age Video game as a thrilling video game to give new excitement to gamers. It’s a point and clicks video game in which there are two characters with different environments, and the gamer can switch from one character to another by simple clicks. The two characters can interact with different objects and interpret various clues and earn score. However, the two characters are not directly connected. Many documentaries were made in this game. One of a best game similar to Life is Strange.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

A horror adventurous video game that is published by The Astronauts to give gamers an awful experience. The player gets into an open world environment in which he can go anywhere with caring a purpose to solve the mystery of the death of the Carter family. Players can receive different dead bodies and recollect other events that had occurred before. By solving different cases, your level is upgraded, and by interacting with various objects, gamers can bring things to their original states. Gamers get a very thrilling experience by arranging the events that come out to be the cause of death. British Academy Game Rewards awarded The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, the best Game Innovation Awards in 2015.

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So these were 20 Games that were like Life is strange. All of them were full of adventure and full of different moves that will be surely a source of entertainment for the Gamers playing it. These games are developed to give gamers an exciting journey by giving them different puzzles to solve and upgrading them by offering different rewards after every task. Different effects, such as the butterfly effect make these games more attractive and intriguing. Players can use different keys to control specific actions that will lead them into different motional effects and gaming strategies. 

Most of the games are developed and published by the same companies. Scoring different points are a source of dopamine secretion in the human body, which makes them feel happy. So, if you are looking for such a pleasant experience go through these 20 games that are much like Life is strange and share your experience with us by writing few words about your experience in the comment section below.

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