How SUSE Training Helps With Data Center Management And Cloud Computing

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Businesses that invest in IT certification and training see happier customers, lower maintenance costs, and more efficient operations. In the same way, IT professionals who have received formal training and certification tend to perform better because they are more confident and have a better grasp of the technology. Enterprise customers are embracing cloud and edge computing in addition to software-defined data centers. As a result, open-source software serves as the foundation for digital innovation. From the core of the infrastructure to the edge, SUSE provides automation that reduces the risk of manual processes and human error. With one foot in the on-premise data center and the other firmly planted in the Cloud, the enterprise is in the form of flux. The digital transformation of businesses is well underway, driven by the demand to focus at cloud-native speed, which is a significant factor check SUSE Training courses.

Training Courses in SUSE

With the help of SUSE engineering, consulting, and support teams, a group of subject matter experts with extensive real-world experience develops SUSE Training Courses. It is a central repository for SUSE’s knowledge and best practices.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server makes it easier to run your cloud applications. Designed for multi-cloud and hybrid environments, you can operate workloads on-premises, on a virtual machine (VM), or in the cloud.
  • Because it reduces downtime risk, simplifies system maintenance, and speeds service deployment both on-premises and in the cloud, the Linux platform for SAP Net Weaver, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP HANA solutions are SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.
  • Enterprise storage from SUSE is a simple, agile, and reliable solution for IT companies looking for a scalable infrastructure with increased delivery speed, reliability, and durability.
  • Applications can be quickly deployed, scaled, or patched using the SUSE Cloud Application Platform and CaaS Platform. Improve portability and uptime across on-premises and cloud environments with a Kubernetes-based container platform.
  • The high-availability solutions are industry-leading, open-source, easy-to-use solutions from SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE). Using SLE HA’s clustering system, downtime in virtual and physical environments is virtually eliminated. Live Patching is an advanced technology that reduces downtime, increases service availability, and enhances security and compliance.
  • SUSE Manager mechanizes the provisioning, configuration, and patching of disparate Linux containers, distributions, and IoT devices for faster, repeatable, and consistent server deployment, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

How can SUSE Training benefit data center management and cloud computing professionals?

When it comes to enterprise Linux certification and training and support and consulting for Linux systems, SUSE is the go-to source. SUSE is the clear winner in running enterprise applications, providing cutting-edge services to spur business innovation, and ensuring lightning-fast service delivery.

In SUSE training, you will learn about the best industry solutions for storage, virtualization, data center management, and cloud computing from certified experts. Various SUSE OpenStack operations are covered, including advanced administration and storage administration of Linux Enterprise Server 12.

If you want to become an expert in SUSE products and SAP-specific solutions for IT management, enroll in SUSE courses today!

What are the SUSE Learning Modes?

To make learning easy, SUSE courses may come in the following modes:

  1. Classroom Training
  2. Virtual Instructor-led Training
  3. On-Demand Training
  4. Hybrid Training


Are you searching for a Linux certification and training program that is vendor-neutral? You have found it. RPS Consulting provides you with the best SUSE Training courses for learning extensively-used enterprise Linux platforms for both cloud computing and mission-critical. SUSE is a well-respected leader in infrastructure software in the rapidly expanding cloud computing market. Also, read our other blogs

You can contact RPS Consulting to get guidance on SUSE training programs at your convenience.

FAQs on SUSE Training

Q1: What are the class hours and timing?

A1: The hours of training are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q2: What if I need the course materials before the training?

A2: A confirmation email will be sent to you once you have paid the booking fee (which is non-refundable). The cost of a reservation is determined by the technology used.

Q3: I am a full-time employee; can classes be scheduled for the weekends?

A3: On the weekends, depending on the technology, we offer classes for working experts in groups or one-on-one.

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