How To Ace The Reasoning Section Of Government Exams?   

The craze for government jobs in India keeps growing year and year. These jobs come up with several benefits which tempt lakhs of youngsters to put in all their hard work and dedication in order to crack any government exam. You need to do exceptionally well in order to crack government exams. The reasoning is one of the several sections of a government exam. If you want to pass the exam then you surely need to work hard on it. If you are weak in reasoning nothing to fret about. In this article, we will describe some effective tips to boost your score in the reasoning section of the government exams.

Are you burning the midnight oil to crack the SSC CGL exams? Keep reading this article to understand the ways to gain a good score in the reasoning section. This section is feared by students a lot. In fact, the majority of government job aspirants find reasoning complex. See the thing is that concepts of reasoning require deep understanding. It isn’t something which you can just cram. But you have to understand the concept thoroughly and then be able to apply that understanding in solving the questions. Therefore mugging or cramming isn’t going to work here.

We have written this article to help you ace the reasoning section of the government exams 

No need to solve all the questions 

Now you have very limited time for every question. So you cannot stay stuck on any one question for too long. If you are finding it some questions too hard then simply skip them and move on to the next one. Often students end up wasting 6-7 minutes on one single question of logical reasoning. This is quite true for problems with directions, seating, etc.  If they fail to find the answer then this mistake can put all their dreams on hold. Please remember that every single minute matters a lot when you are giving any 

competitive exam.  Before the exam,  decide the no. of good attempts and solve your paper accordingly. 

Be aware of the syllabus

The reasoning section consists of several topics like directions, blood relations, seating arrangement, etc. Jot down the whole syllabus in your register and then plan how much time to devote to each topic. Now, this decision is to be taken after checking the weightage of the topics. For eg- the topics inequality and assertion carry a weightage of 4-5 marks. Also, you need to check which topics you find most difficult. Then devote more time to the preparation of those topics

Practice previous year’s papers

One vital thing to do is get access to the previous year’s question papers and check the reasoning questions. You can also check out the pattern of questions and whether questions from some topics are being repeated frequently. If yes then practice those topics more. You can find these papers online or buy books for the same. Also, analyze your mistakes well and work on improving them. Check if there is any such topic in which you are repeatedly scoring low. Now devote more time to those areas so that you can master them well before you sit for your  exam 

Dont cram the concepts

Some students often cram the concepts of reasoning. But they fail to understand that the questions can be asked in any way and not necessarily in the manner which they have crammed. The only way you can excel in reasoning would be to understand the concepts by heart. You should be fully thorough with all the concepts only then you can manage to solve the questions. Moreover cramming leads to the retention of information for a short period only. You will forget all of it very soon. Hence cramming concepts is a big no while preparing for the reasoning section of any competitive exam.

Keep practicing

Well, the tried and tested formula for success is always consistent practice. You need to try practicing the concepts again and again till you master them. Dont be scared of failures. They should motivate you to perform even better. So you might be having trouble understanding some topics. No matter how hard you try you are unable to move on from that topic. Now dont worry much. You can use google or youtube and watch videos on that topic again and again. You have access to resource material all over the Internet. Make use of that to clear your concepts. Are you aspiring to appear for the SSC CHSL  exams? We recommend you to join the best institute providing SSC CHSL coaching in Chandigarh.

Time management

You need to manage your time properly while preparing the reasoning section. As we mentioned before time is the key while solving reasoning questions. You might know the answers to all the questions but if you are unable to solve the questions on time then your knowledge will be of no use. So it is important to focus on time management. Try to use calculation tricks. Reasoning questions require a good amount of calculations but you should not waste too much time on that.  Quick calculations can make it easier to solve the questions

Also, there are many other short tips to solve reasoning questions. You need to make yourself aware of all such tips before you appear for your exam. 


So the reasoning section is no doubt hard and needs a good amount of practice. Just a little bit of willpower and hard work will surely help you gain a better understanding of this section. Also using the above tips will make it easier for you to ace the reasoning section of government exams.

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