How To Care For Your Prima Donna Lingerie?

Lingerie, regardless of brand or type, is delicate. Hand washing is recommended because it is gentler and will ensure your bras lasts longer. Fill your sink with cold water and add your lingerie detergent. Let it sit for a while, rinse off, then wash with cool water.

People are often too busy to wash lingerie by hand. People will resort to washing their bras and shorts in the washer. If you choose to go this route, make sure to use a lingerie bag with the Delicate wash cycle. Otherwise, loose wires could cause jamming in the drum of the washing machine.

You should be aware that bras can look like they’ve been chewed if washed in the washing machine. It can happen again if you put your lingerie in the dryer or wring it vigorously while hand-washing it.

If you take good care of your bras, they can last many years. You can rotate your bras during use, wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and hang them up to dry before you put them away.

A Wide Range Of Sizes Of Bra

PrimaDonna’s expertise in lingerie designed for larger women. They have larger cups than others, and they offer briefs, thongs, and swimsuits starting from small to large.

You can find bra sizes in all Prima Donna lingerie stores, online, or at a local store. You’ll find bras up to a J-cup, and you can even find a K-cup.

You Can Fit A Variety Of Different Sizes And Shapes Of Women

This is what makes Prima Dolce lingerie so beloved by its clients all over the globe. Prima Donna lingerie is first tried on real customers and not on models or dummies.

These customers represent the many beautiful bodies that Prima Donna works with. Their opinions are taken seriously and considered when a new style or modification to an existing style is made.

Fashion Forward

Prima Donna lingerie believes that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body size. A piece of lingerie doesn’t need to be boring or outdated just because it is functional.

Prima Donna lingerie was originally designed for mature women, but you will now find trendy colors, prints, fabrics, and styles in every PrimaDonna Bras collection. Prima Donna offers a variety of collections, so you will find the right one for you, no matter what your preference is.

Prima Donna Lingerie Icons

Below, you’ll find information about some of the most loved Prima Donna lingerie collections, as well as what makes these collections so popular with Prima Donna lingerie clients.

Prima Donna Every Woman

The Prima Donna Every Woman collection of lingerie is for you if you want a classic and timeless look. The collection features seamless undergarments of the highest quality that are indispensable for every woman.

The Every Woman collection is lightweight and breathable, which ensures maximum comfort. Sometimes simplicity is the best. That’s why Every Woman has been a crowd favorite for over 15 years. While it’s great to have feminine designs and vibrant prints, the essential styles that are needed will never be forgotten. That’s why the Every Woman collection exists.

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