How to customize your own shaker keychain?

Do you ever have trouble remembering where you put your keys? Well, look no further! In this post, we will walk through the process of customizing an attractive and durable shaker keychain that not only looks cool but helps you stay organized. Not only will this keychain help you identify each individual set of keys instantly–it’s sure to add a touch of flair and personalization to all your essential belongings. Learn how easy it is to create and assemble one today!

Choose the type of wood you want to use

When it comes to crafting a shaker keychain, using the right type of wood is key. For example, walnut and maple are two types of wood that provide different looks and characters for the finished product. Walnut is often used for its rich brown hue and tight grain pattern, which make it look elegant and luxurious. Maple, on the other hand, consists of a light tone with prominent figure lines that gives it a classic appeal. It all comes down to personal preference—do you prefer something bold or timeless? Whatever choice you make, the outcome will surely be an eye-catching accessory with quality craftsmanship.

Cut out a keychain shape from the wood

Creating a shaker keychain out of wood is a craft project that anyone can master. It requires few supplies and only some basic tools to get the job done. All you need to start are some thin plywood scraps or wooden dowels, glue, sandpaper, and paint. Once your materials have been gathered, simply trace and cut out an outline of your desired keychain shape onto the plywood or dowel with a utility knife. Then sand down the edges before adding any paint or varnish for decoration. After that’s finished, put on some wood glue and attach a jump ring to hold it in place when finished. Now you have yourself a custom-made shaker keychain that is sure to be one-of-a-kind!

Drill a hole in the top of the keychain for the chain

If you’re looking for a fun accessory for your keychain, then why not try making a shaker keychain? This unique project will transform any standard keychain into a fun and entertaining piece that is sure to brighten up your day! To get started, all it takes is drilling a hole in the top of the keychain and then adding some beads or marbles. With just a few supplies, you can customize your shaker keychain to create something totally unique and special. Be creative and have fun making your very own shaker keychain!

Sand down any rough edges

If you’re creating a shaker keychain, one of the most important tasks is to sand down any rough edges. Giving the piece a smooth finish requires patience and attention to detail, but it’s well worth the effort. Taking your time to carefully refine its shape will ensure that it feels comfortable and looks attractive. The best way to create a polished product is with some medium-grit sandpaper and gentle strokes. Don’t forget to finish off by buffing out any marks or imperfections for a truly professional look!

Stain or paint the keychain however you want

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, consider customizing your own shaker keychain. With the freedom to stain or paint your keychain however you want, you can showcase your personality—the only limit is your imagination! Whether you decide to keep it subtle and classic or colorful and wild, this is a perfect opportunity to make something that’s truly unique and special. There’s no right or wrong way to do it—go for whatever look speaks to you!

Add a jump ring and keyring to finish it off

Finishing off a shaker keychain with a jump ring and keyring is the ideal way to bring it all together. The jump ring can come in a variety of sizes and is used to attach charms and other items to the project. It creates a strong hold on the items, so you know that your keychain won’t be missing any pieces after assembly. Additionally, adding a keyring ensures that it will still have practicality as an item you can actually use for its intended task, carrying keys! All these steps are necessary when creating beautiful, yet functional shaker keychains.


As you can see, creating customized keychains doesn’t have to be an arduous task. With the right tools—supplies, knowledge, and creativity—you can turn your own unique designs into a reality. Whether you plan on gifting them as wedding favors, making them a part of promotional campaigns, or simply crafting them just for fun, don’t forget that presentation matters as much as design when it comes to customizing your keychains. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to create something special that will stand out from the rest! Who knows? You might find yourself coming up with even more ideas for custom keychains the more you practice!

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