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QuickBooks is a business accounting software that stores the details of every credit and debit but how to delete an Invoice if required?


QuickBooks is a business accounting software that stores the details of every credit and debit attraction within your company accounts file. Whether you have sent the invoice to a wrong client or any customer wants to cancel his order, QuickBooks can save you in every situation.

 Furthermore, features like QuickBooks web connector download enable you to exchange data with a third-party application. If you want to delete your old account information, you can easily do this by deleting or voiding the software’s features. 

In this post, you will get to know more about:

  • Void Vs. Delete – the difference.
  • How to delete an invoice.
  • How to void an invoice.
  • What happens to the audit log.

So, keep on reading this article till the end to know more about each section.

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Void vs. delete -The difference.

There are two ways to remove the invoice from Quickbooks, voiding an invoice and deleting it.

Voiding an invoice leaves your record as it is while updating the amount to “zero” in your account. But when you delete an invoice, you completely erase it from your books, and deleting it is final, which means it will remove every detail of your transaction from your record.

How to delete an invoice?

In this section, we will discuss the latter one, how to delete an invoice in QuickBooks. So, read the steps mentioned below.

Step -1 Open QuickBooks online and go to transactions (on the left side of the navigation panel).

Step-2 Then, in transactions, select “sales.”

Step-3 From the list of transactions, open the invoice you want to delete.

Step-4 Go to the “more” button located at the bottom.

Step-5 Then, click on the “delete” button.

Step-6 At last, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to confirm your action.

You can implement all these steps to delete invoices. Now the question is, what’s the use of an audit log even after deleting your invoice? Keep reading to know more about this.

How to void an invoice in Quickbooks?

Since you know how to delete an invoice, let’s focus on the second part, as mentioned earlier. Voiding an invoice is changing the transaction to zero amount. These are the steps you can follow to void an invoice without any hassle:

Follow the steps carefully:

  1. Open QuickBooks, then open your incorrect invoice.  
  2. Then, click Edit from the toolbar.
  3. Lastly, choose Void Invoice. After this, all the changes will remain the same, and the dollar amounts will turn to zero.

This feature is useful and applicable whenever you want it to be. Access all the details related to the transaction if you need them in the future.

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What happens to the audit log?

Quickbooks allows you to keep track of all your activities in a feature called an audit log. You can see all your deleted transactions and activities, even who made the changes and what they did.

It’s important to know if you delete a transaction, you can’t restore it, but with an audit log, you can re-enter the details of any past deleted transaction.

There are few simple steps you can follow re-enter the deleted transaction:

  1. Firstly, Go to settings and select an audit log.
  2. From the drop-down filter, select the user, date, and event name.
  3. Then click on apply.
  4. Use the browser search (Ctrl +F) and then type “deleted.”
  5. Then, select View under the history column.

Now you can see all the information needed for the transaction under the event column and re-enter it.

The whole idea of creating an audit log was to record all the transactions details even after you delete them. This means you can access the audit log to see your deleted invoice details if you need them in the future, but you can’t revive those transactions.


In short, Quick books give you the freedom to choose whether you want to void the transaction or delete it completely, which is rare in other accounting software. It is a software widely used by all local businesses and clients due to its accessible features.

Quickbooks ensures smooth processing with features like deleting invoices when companies make some mistakes in generating one.

This post’s idea was to save your time and provide you with the correct information on how you can delete an invoice in QuickBooks.

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