How To Keep Your Kratom Tolerance Down?

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This is not to be understood as medical advice, if you struggle with addiction to any substance or need medical advice, consult with your doctor. Do not start or stop using any medication without advice from a medical professional and do not use kratom or any other substance without first consulting your doctor.

Kratom tolerance is the resistance a body develops towards the substance’s effect. If you take kratom for longer, your body may not have the same feeling or impact as before.

The body adapts due to the repeated use of any substance and over time, many people find themselves increasing their dose to try and keep the same effects. While Kratom (pure and unadulterated) is quite manageable using reset techniques, many people have had usage issues with other substances like opiates because this tolerance build-up turns into a harmful addiction that may be life-threatening and impact the liver, nervous system, and renal system.

Kratom tolerance can be managed! Here are some tips and ways to keep yourself from spending too much money on increasing your kratom dose!

Few Ways To Keep The Tolerance Down

Take A Break

It is the most natural and effective way of reducing kratom tolerance. Even the coffee user does not have the boosting effect with one cup after regular use. So increasing the dose is sometimes effective but not ideal due to the increased cost and eventually, decreased effects. So taking a break will be a fruitful and healthy way to reduce kratom tolerance.

This is not to be understood as medical advice, if you struggle with addiction to any substance or need medical advice, consult with your doctor.

Rotation Of Strain

It is easy for users to stick to one type of kratom, but if you use the same kind of kratom, tolerance sets in faster.

If tolerance develops, rotating to a new strain can be helpful. But there is a misunderstanding that you should change and rotate through many vendors to reduce tolerance. However, this is not effective as many of the vendors source from the same importers and switching it up is literally doing nothing but adding complexity, price changes, and potential for quality control problems. Instead, choose 1 vendor who is an American Kratom Association (AKA) certified vendor such as Laughing Lion Herbs because there are other commercial kratom vendors who mix kratom with harmful substances that may lead to more serious health issues. Also, buying cheap kratom ($50-$75 a kilo) is also dangerous. To properly test, package, and have end-to-end traceability for kratom is not cheap and these cheap vendors must take many shortcuts to provide those prices. This puts you, the consumer, at terrible risk for contamination and other serious problems. Use trusted, tested, and pure kratom from Laughing Lion Herbs or other AKA certified vendors!

Use Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit 

A kratom tolerance kit is also one way to reset your kratom tolerance. It is the product of Laughing Lion Herbs. Laughing Lion claims that this kit will reset your kratom tolerance in 3-5 days guaranteed! It will not only remove your discomfort that could come from just taking a break, but also help reset your kratom tolerance. Laughing Lion Herbs also offers a money-back warranty on the whole kratom tolerance reset kit. So if you feel it’s not working, you can get your money back. 

Laughing Lion Herbs claims you will have the same effect of kratom as before after using the kratom tolerance reset kit. But if you have any medical issue, then first consult with your physician before using any other substance or kit.


Kratom tolerance can be managed if you follow the above mentioned tips and ways. Everyone should do their best to avoid becoming dependent on any substance. Kratom is considered to be one of the safer substances out there but not enough is known about it yet and there could still be unknown side effects or interactions with prescription medications.

Always talk to a medical professional before consuming kratom and never use Kratom recreationally. It is not able to provide any sort of “high” or effects of that nature. Kratom is a dietary supplement that can be used to help people in their day to day lives but using it for any recreational purpose is not advised.

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