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How To Play Path of Exile Sentinel League Best? – A Complete Guide

Path of Exile 3.18 expansion named Sentinel has been launched on PC/Mac on May 13, 2022, and on PS/XBOX on May 18. The arrival of new content has thoroughly stimulated the interest of POE players. After a long and fun Archnemesis League, congratulations to all the warriors in their new world. It has been several days since Grinding Gear Games launched Sentinel, and many players may still not understand the operation mechanics and gameplay of this league. Next, let me introduce you one by one.

Use Sentinel Mechanics Wisely To Get The Most Loot

After each Path of Exile league begins, whether you’re a seven or eight-year veteran or a rookie, you’ll need to create a new character to continue your journey for the next three months.

Sentinel League introduces a layered new mechanic to Path Of Exile’s endgame, which allows players to create on-demand loot explosions throughout the campaign and Atlas. However, many players may be a bit puzzling about how to set up sentries to get rich rewards (various scarce resources or POE Currency). But once you know how to manage the mechanic, the rewards are amazing.

I suggest you guys can get some tips by reading the “Beginner’s Guide to Path of Exile Sentinel Mechanic” by POECurrency.com, a professional Path of Exile product service provider.

Sentinel Controller User Guide

If you’ve just entered the Sentinel League, you’ll first encounter Sentinels in The Coast zone in Act 1, where most Sentinel mechanic will debut. You will find a Sentinel cache containing the Stalker Sentinel and Sentinel Controller. This button will be on the left side of the inventory for the rest of the league.

When you open Sentinel Controller, you will find a grid of runic symbols. You can hover over them to read the various rewards they grant. Or you can connect nodes at will to plan your mesh and change them anytime for free. However, before the Controller nodes can actually do anything, you need Sentinel Power to get the hang of it.

What you also need to know is that the root source of Sentinel Power lies in your own Sentinels. We all know that there are three types of Sentinels in the Path of Exile Sentinel league, and each type of Sentinel grants monsters different abilities. When you kill the empowered monster, it empowers your Sentinel Controller and fills the power arc on top, with each square representing another connection you can activate. Sentinel Controller will automatically power the connections you set up when you get power so you can plan.

How To Make Three Sentinels Play Their Strongest Strengths?

path of exile three Sentinels
  • Stalker Sentinels are available when you take the Sentinel Controller. It will follow you firing their empowering beams at enemies until they time out or run out of power.
  • Apex Sentinels function similarly, but only enhance rare enemies.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels empower many enemies at once, then instantly disappear.

It’s important to note that Apex Sentinels and Pandemonium Sentinel are only available if you power up the slots on the Sentinel Controller.

All Sentinels have an “empowerment” stat that determines how much energy it provides to the target. Higher enhancements grant monsters increased health and damage reduction. However, it also increases the amount and rarity of the items they drop, meaning players can use high empowerment Sentinels to fight. Although it will make the battle more difficult, it would be nice if players could get more valuable loot and Path of Exile Currency/Orbs/Items.

All Sentinels have fees that determine how many times you can use them. The level of Sentinels is proportional to how much you will spend. Once you’ve used up all of your Sentinels, it can’t be recharged. However, you can use an item called Power Cores to combine two expired Sentinels into a new Sentinel that inherits some of their modifiers.

NOTE: I suggest you can combine two of the best but expired Sentinels. With just a little luck, you can get a brand new and super strong new Sentinel with a very desirable modifier, increasing the chance of dropping a specific, desired reward type.

Description Of Two Path of Exile Sentinel Strategies

Currently, there are two mainstream Path of Exile Sentinel strategies. The most popular and used strategy by players is to focus on leveling up Pandemonium Sentinels. Due to the Sentinel’s own advantages, if you activate them in a densely populated area, you can get a lot of loot at once. Many players earn Exalted Orb, Scarabs, Essences, and other valuable rewards by activating Pandemonium Sentinels near Shrine twice per map.

When you use this strategy, you must pay attention to two key nodes, namely:

  • Pandemonium Sentinels can be deployed an additional time in each area.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels spawn monster packs on deployment.

Both nodes are in the lower right corner of the Controller. This allows you to use your Pandemonium Sentinels twice per map and guarantees extra monsters as you use them. And you can also activate your Pandemonium Sentinel near large monster swarms and collect all kinds of scarce items, which, for you, is a bit tiring to collect. Fun, just kidding. And you can use mechanics like Shrines and Strongboxes on the Atlas passive tree to ensure good Pandemonium Sentinel targets on every map.

Another Sentinel strategy is not as popular as the last one. You need to invest in Apex Sentinels to turn bosses into loot bombs. It certainly requires a character with excellent single target damage, but for a character focused on bossing, this could be a great way to increase the map bonus.

To do this, you need to fully dive into the left side of the Sentinel Controller, then activate Apex Sentinels on the map bosses to load the loot. While there may also be some value when you’re targeting Metamorphs, Rogue Exile, and Legion rare monsters with Apex Sentinel, the added loot probably won’t outweigh the time it takes to kill these enemy types when empowered.

That’s all for the full details on how to maximize your Sentinel loot! To be honest, as much as I’ve said, the actual Path of Exile Sentinel mechanic isn’t that complicated, and once you’re set up, it boils down to pressing three extra buttons per map.


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