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20 Best Total War Attila MODs Completely free

Read a short introduction about Total War Attila MODs & also download links for everyone to access original files to play. There are some other posts related to the Total War series in this post for lovers of TW Games.

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Details of Total War Attila MODs
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Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

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Details of Total War Attila MODs

1- Terminus Total War – Imperium

The game focused on the last days of the Roman Empire & provide players with a chance to play in a new alternative history timeline. The most powerful empire of that time is now almost destroyed because of its own corruption & betrayal. After the death of their last emperor, now every Governer is trying to make their own Gov anywhere possible. Some powers are trying to create their own kingdom in the north & south of this empire.

A completely new campaign is created for this game with a lot of missions to play. There are 14 new factions with completely unique attributes. Too many new Generals and leaders for different factions are added in this game. More than 100 new unique units & a lot of new features make this game better than then original in many ways. A lot of new kingdoms are created outside Romain controlled areas trying to expand everywhere possible. In simple words, Imperium is one of the best Total War Attila MODs ever created for this game.


2- Warring States: Roman Civil War

There is a civil war in Western Roman Emperor and everyone tries to become the new emperor. A traitor who tries to control the whole country & become a new emperor is failed because no one follows him. Play by choosing any faction from the Roman Empire trying to control the whole territory. Units for each faction are unique which means you will get a chance to play all factions with unique units.

A total of 7 new roman factions are added in this game representing the Civil war. You can understand from our description, this game focus only on Rome & the rise of any faction depending on player choice. For players who love civil war, this MOD is a perfect choice. Unlike other MODs, there are no enemies coming from outside.


3- Radious Total War Mod

Radious mod for this game is completely overhauled with a lot of changes to the original game. Developers tried to make this game more balanced from the original. Most of the features of the game are completely updated with an improved level. Creators of this mod were already able to develop mods for previous total war games with millions of downloads.


4- Fall of the Eagles

This mod is about historical changes., making games more accurate, changes to almost all units making them more balanced. As you can understand from this concept of making games more historical accurate & a lot of mods already build for it. Almost every game in the series received this kind of map when people starting to feel about the imbalance in the game. Few other popular mods are created from the same developers.


Napoleon Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods from Amazing RTS Game Total War

5- Fertility +1

In Total War games, climate change is an awesome idea which everyone loves. With the help of this mod, players can now add a Fertility level to 1 more point which means they can use the different buildings for long period. Unfortunately, you cant save the game and also unable to run it with some other mods which change to the original game on a similar level.


6- Sebidee’s Unlimited Governors

Amazing simple mod which allows players to choose unlimited Governors. It looks like making games easier but some generals can choose to rebel, making it a balanced game. There are some limits to this mod features but mostly its amazing choice for those looking for unlimited governors. But there are not too many changes to the original games like adding units, making game balance, and more.


7- Return To Glory

Return To Glory mod is all about changes to the gameplay of this game, making it better for players. Graphic quality & also making battles look more realistic are very cool ideas to update in-game. Those who are looking to create videos for Youtube Channels must use this amazing mod with perfect gameplay quality. Some small features to battles are removed, a lot of updates to gameplay mechanics, and also many new styles make it an amazing choice.


8- Cinematic Combat

Very simple mod which increases the level of animations to 100% which is normally set to 40% in the original game. There are some big problems to the original game like units hit in the air to kill other units which look ridiculous. But this amazing mod provides players with a full chance to enjoy real-time combat. You can actually see how soldiers kill each other in realtime. Unfortunately, this mod is not recommended for players with already facing issues of performance when playing the Total War Attila game or mods.


9- The Blood Dark Times

It’s a blood mod that includes new textures blood for this game. Now you can see real blood on clothes, armor & also the ground which normally disappears in the original game. But there are no other changes to the original game with this mod. If you are looking for making this game perfect where blood is actually shown after the death of any solders, try this amazing mod. With the below link, you can find more mods for other games in the series. It’s not working with other blood mods which means you must uninstall any mod with similar features to avoid any problems when playing games.


10- Aztec 2015 Graphics

Graphic mod which improves the overall quality of the game & takes it to another level. Unlike other mods, you can see any changes to games like new units, maps, or other features. It works with all kinds of mods, patches & original games without any problem. Normally, it’s an amazing mod that improves the graphic quality of the original game, not recommended for players facing speed or performance issues.


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11- Flora HD

Flora HD is a graphic mod for this game that focuses on only quality. There are huge changes to the original game making perfect HD game compare to all other total war games. Making games more amazing with real-time high-quality graphics is the main purpose of this mod. But there are not many changes to the game if you look for new units, maps, or other changes.


12- Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms is a campaign and complete overhaul mod for this game. There are many factions, new changes to the original game, and much more. But there are many more changes which you can see in-game. Overall, this mod is better than all simple mods adding only a few changes to the original game. Almost everything is updated at all levels, making it the best choice for all players. Forgotten Realms become one of the best Attila Total War Mod for all time.


13- Rise of Mordor

The Lord of the Rings is still the most popular game of all time with millions of fans all over the world. They create a mod for Attila with the same concept which becomes very famous in less time. The main focus of the mod is multiplayer with a lot of changes to the game. Similar to other mods created for the same game, they focus on stories from movies but added characters accurately as per books.


14- Kingdoms Of Westeros

Total modification of original game on every level from campaign to missions. It includes 20 different Westeros kingdoms to game. Best for those who love Game of Throne, the most popular tv series of all time. There is a huge new map with different kingdoms for this game, each with complete changes to the game.


15- Natural Water Mod

The amazing cool map which focuses on adding Natural Water to all over the game for every mission, map & campaign. As you can understand from the above video, there are a lot of changes to the water of all kinds to the game. Again, the main purpose of this game is to make the game look more original.


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16- More Bold Campaign Borders

Another very simple mod which focuses on highlighting borders of different maps in every campaign. But there are not many changes to the original game. If you look for simple clear borders to different territories to map, this mod is the perfect choice for you.


17- Olympian Battle Camera

An amazing battle camera which allows the player to look at the battleground on another level. It’s easy to zoom in & out to see every place of war map. You can look at all features of this mod using the above video. There are unlimited options provided for this camera mod which makes this game more amazing than ever.


18- Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD Base Pack

After 5 years of making, this mod is not complete with all its features. They include 57 different factions to game in this game completely different from each other. All kinds of units & other behaviors of factions are changed. There are 6 different slots added in every region which makes it more perfect for turn base mode of this game. More than 4000 different units are added in this game which you may never see anywhere else. But there are too many different changes to the original game.


19- Tower Nerf Mod

Very simple mod which reduces tower range. But you can’t find any other important changes which make this most perfect mod of all time. Some of the players felt like these towers are too much overpowered against attackers. This very simple mod provides players with the choice to reduce tower range without affecting any part of the game at all.


20- The Long Night

The Long Night covers the ice age climate of Europe where all countries are completely affected by ice. One popular feature of this mod is winter at every level of the game. Many new historical battles are added in this mod allowing players to enjoy new stories. New units, cities & many more features are making this mod the best Attilia mod for total war game.


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Read the best article written on a similar topic with 25 popular MODs. Fandom Post is a very famous site with hundreds of articles & they always explain very well. You can also find a lot of related screenshots for every single entry & discussed very well.

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Most of the MODs in this list of Best Total War Attila MODs are complete overhaul. Some videos are linked to entries that explain full details about entries. Attila becomes a very popular game in less time and thousands of players love all mods created for it. Our list di short because we choose only important, high rated, popular mods out of hundreds more.

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