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Respiratory Therapy: Who Do I Call for Home Respiratory Care

Lung complications can develop from numerous sources, such as COVID-19 or even the common flu. Your body can recover from a lot of things, but some illnesses leave a longer impact. If your lungs are hit, it can prove especially debilitating.

Seeking respiratory care at a doctor’s office or a hospital facility can be challenging if you can’t walk more than a few feet at a time. Not everyone has someone else they can rely on for these visits. That’s where a home visit from a respiratory therapist can come in handy.

Here’s what you need to know about at-home respiratory care and how you can get it.

What is Home Respiratory Care?

At-home health care differs from hospital care in terms of available resources. You won’t have access to some of the more expensive equipment, but you do get health professionals at your front door.

When a respiratory therapist visits your home, they can perform diagnostic tests and examine your current health. Some specialists perform at-home treatments such as exercise and other types of assisted therapy. Their patient’s progress is recorded and monitored over time.

How to Get Health Care Services at Home

Not just anyone can qualify for at-home health care services or home nursing care. For a professional to visit your house, you’ll need your doctor’s approval. Your insurance will also require that approval in order to provide coverage.

Get Approval

The first step to getting at-home home health care is through a physician. For respiratory care, you should go through your pulmonologist. They’ll coordinate a visit with a home health care company for an initial consultation.

Alternatively, you may be able to hire a caregiver from a business not directly associated with your local hospital. Whether or not they have nursing qualifications will depend on the business itself. You also shouldn’t expect them to have any experience treating more severe respiratory illnesses.

Insurance Coverage Options

How much your insurance covers will depend on the policy and your own personal condition. For example, an individual recovering from pneumonia may only receive home visits from a nurse for a couple of months. Your insurance provider may not deem it necessary afterward.

Medicare covers eligible home health services including part-time skilled nursing care, physical therapy, and medical supplies for use at home. However, they don’t cover 24-hour care or homemaker services.

For more intensive at-home care, your doctor will need to certify that you are in need of them. You must also be homebound for Medicare coverage, as certified by your doctor.

Get Health Care Services at Home

Respiratory illnesses are debilitating, even on the best of days. It’s important to find any way to lighten your burden and find accessible treatment options.

Your primary physician or pulmonologist should be able to find a home respiratory care service that fits your needs. You should also speak with your insurance company to learn more about your options.

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