How to Recover Data from a Damaged Laptop?

What if you accidentally deleted your important documents or your computer/laptop stopped working due to software failure and you forgot to back up your files to your hard drive, or to a cloud storage system? Don’t worry! Those files remain inaccessible but hard on the hard drive.

Basically, there are 3 ways to restore your files and transfer them to a working computer or external hard drive. Whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, one of the following methods will work for you. Let’s learn how to do it easily by following these step-by-step guidelines. All of these data recovery in Victoria services are offered by TickTockTech in areas including Burnside, Downtown, NE Saanich, East Fairfield, Hillside-Quadra, and North Jubilee at a very affordable rate in the area Burnside at V8T. Geek squad Victoria provides the best laptop repairing at a very cheaper rate.

1. Use Old Hard Drive as an external hard drive: (Windows, Mac, Linux)

External hard disk drive

Step I. Buy hard disk enclosure

To set up a computer hard drive to run it on another computer via USB port you need to have an external system. Make sure you buy a laptop-mounted disk space unless you have a SATA drive that can carry both your desktop and laptop hard drive.

Step II. Configure a new computer with the same operating system as your old computer.

It is very important to check if the new computer has the same operating system because otherwise, your hard drive will not open after connecting it to the new computer.

For example, If you were using a computer with a Windows operating system, you would need to check if the new device has a Windows operating system on it.

Make sure the computer hard drive has enough free space to load the files you want to find on a dead laptop.

Step III. Remove the hard drive from a dead laptop/desktop and place it in the disk enclosure

Remove the dead laptop and remove the panel under the laptop with the help of a screwdriver to remove the hard drive. If you want to remove the hard drive from the desktop, remove the side panel of your desktop tower to gain access to the hard drive. Then connect the old hard drive to the enclosure by connecting the pins correctly.

Since the location of the hard drive and the way the connecting pins differ from one laptop to another, be sure to check the user manual when accessing the hard drive.

Step IV. Connect disk space to a working computer and transfer old files to an active computer

Connect the enclosure that acts as an external hard drive to another computer using a USB cable. Then you will be able to copy your files by copying and pasting or by clicking and dragging.

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What if a desktop does not detect a dead drive?

After connecting your dead computer to an active computer to restore data, the targeted dead drive may not appear on the active desktop. This may be due to a hard drive failure or physical damage to your old computer. In that case, you should immediately shut down the device to avoid further damage or complete data loss. Continued attempts to access your files or to attempt to power up your database will cause further crashes.

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