How to recover deleted data?


Do you ever think that you’ve accidentally deleted important files from your computer, and there’s no possibility to recover lost data? This can cause a lot of frustration in some cases. Particularly if been working for hours on it! However, losing your data isn’t the end of the world. There are a variety of options for recovering your files. Options that you can refer to. Therefore, we’ve devoted this article to provide you with the assistance you require to get the file back. Keep in mind that there are a variety of situations when data gets lost because of physical damage. This goes far beyond the scope of software recovery.

Common Causes of data loss

There are many causes to which data could be lost. Here we will examine a few of them.

  • Data corruption
  • Software corruption
  • Instability in the read of the drive, which hinders access to the data on the disk
  • Human error, such as altering files or accidental deletions, inadvertently removal of files, or improper formatting of drives
  • Recurrent issues with the boot-up procedure
  • Slower-than-normal performance
  • Computers freeze frequently
  • The files are disappearing.

Common methods for recovering lost data

  • Recover lost files using Backup data: Suppose you’ve lost your information due to a variety of reasons, such as files being lost during moving or due to corruption or corruption, etc. The best method for recovering them is through the aid of backup data. If you’ve taken an archive of your most important files on an internal hard drive and USB flash drives, then you can utilize it.
  • Recover lost files using File History: Windows File History works the same way that Time Machine Backup does on Mac. With File History, you can go back to earlier versions of the files on your Windows PC to retrieve them quickly. The File History program on the Windows PC automatically creates a duplicate of different folders, such as Photos, Documents, Music, and Videos. It also copies the files to your desktop. In a situation where you lose your data, you can easily use it to recover your deleted files.
  • Software Download for Data Recovery: Use Data Recovery software to recover more than 300 formats, including videos, images, audio tracks, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and more. From various data loss scenarios like files missing or lost after updating Windows, lost files during transferring, permanent deletion, formatting, corruption, etc.
  • Recover deleted files from damaged drives using CMD: Data loss may also occur if your external storage drive is unable to be read for various reasons. But, if you wish to access your important files using a damaged external pen drive, hard drive, memory card, or any other memory card.

How to Recover Lost Data using Recoverit?

This is a comprehensive step on retrieving permanently deleted files through professional data recovery tool. Here we guide on how to recover permanently deleted files from your Windows PC. Ensure you do this when your files have been deleted once they’ve been deleted, the chances for recovery.

The first step is to choose the location where the files were erased. Under “Hard Disk Drives,” you can choose the drive you wish to restore. Click on “Start” for the scanning process to start.

recover deleted data

Based on the size of contents of the drive, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to even days to scan. Recoverit provides a live-time display option that lets you see everything while scanning. Recoverit provides the ability to locate files and even end the scanning process depending on your preferences.

recover deleted data

Recoverit will display the file as thumbnails. Select “Preview” to open the file. Click on the “Preview” button to get all the pertinent information about the file. Recoverit can open a wide variety of formats that can be used to preview files such as documents, images, videos, documents, and even emails.

recover deleted data

After you’ve gone through all your documents, you’ll be able to check them out before taking backups. Choose “Recover.” This “Recover” button will enable you to recover all of your deleted data.

Tips to prevent data loss

So, here are a few of the most effective tips to prevent the deleted information from being lost forever.

  • Make sure to use your hard drive minimally as you can: If you’re looking to ensure that your data is completely recoverable, ensure you utilize the least amount of your hard drive. When you have deleted any important files, turn off the computer. This will stop Windows from making any modifications to the storage device. It is possible to connect the drive to another computer and run the file recovery.
  • The file should be recovered in the shortest time possible: Windows is always writing and rewriting data on the hard disk. The best way to make sure that the files will not be lost is to get them back as quickly as possible. If you discover that you’ve lost your data, it’s always recommended to act immediately to complete data recovery. This will stop the source of the data from going away.


In the article, we’ve reviewed the most effective methods by recovering files off your Windows computer. Be aware that you should search for similar when you delete an item. Recycle Bin is where your file will be if you’ve traditionally deleted your file. However, the fact that it’s gone does not mean it’s deleted forever. You can always retrieve deleted files by using any top data recovery program. Recoverit Data Recovery will check your hard disk and retrieve deleted files in a snap. So, you won’t have to be concerned about losing your files forever.

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