How to Recover MS Paint Files that are Accidentally Deleted?

Losing your treasured artwork can be a heartbreaking experience! But don’t despair – learning how to recover deleted files, as well as unsaved drawings or photos from Windows devices, may just save the day.

Say goodbye to frustration and worry – you can still recover those beloved Paint creations! With Microsoft Paint’s lack of an auto-save feature, the loss of a file due to sudden shutdowns or crashes may not seem like there is any hope. Fortunately, taking some proactive steps allows us all to reclaim our image-editing masterpieces with ease.            

Despite being an integral part of the Windows experience, MS Paint isn’t without its flaws. While it has brought joy to millions over the years with simple image editing capabilities, unfortunately, files can still be lost due to system shutdowns and other mishaps. That’s why taking precautions must not be overlooked! Fortunately, there are(several) ways one can recover their hard-earned art in Microsoft Paint – no matter how bad your situation may seem–so that you don’t have to rework from scratch or lose out on a work of precious genius forever!

Recover MS Paint Files 

Have you ever encountered a situation where an important MS Paint file has been deleted from your computer? Don’t worry – there are multiple solutions available to get it back! To start, try using photo recovery software specifically designed for recovering documents in various formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF. Check if the Recycle Bin can help with any of these files too. If all else fails then consider restoring lost data via scheduled backups that have previously been set up on the system. Let’s find out more about how we do this safely and effectively!

Solution 1: Check in Recycle Bin

If Paint files have gone missing, don’t panic! Retrieve them easily from the Recycle Bin. Just enter it and identify your MS Paint files. Then right-click for ‘Restore’ to get those files back where they belong in a snap!

Solution 2: Restore Paint files from File History backup

Losing important data can be devastating, but with the help of Windows File History, you don’t have to worry! Connect your backup drive and open the Control Panel, then System & Security > File History. From there find Restore personal files on the left pane, select what needs restoring from a list located in all available backups—lastly hit that green button for instant recovery! Don’t let precious memories fade away – protect them by setting up regular file history backups today.

Solution 3: With the Help of Restore Point on Windows

Windows users, if you had the foresight to take a System Restore Point before deleting MS Paint photos and drawings – rejoice! You have all you need for an easy recovery. Follow these steps: open Control Panel on System, navigate to Recovery > and then Open System Restore; in the new window click Next, then select – from those available–the restore point dated prior to when imagery was lost. Scan the items set for deletion beforehand and choose wisely whether or not they can be sacrificed safely as part of this procedure. If so…restored creative musings await!

Solution 4: MS Office Files Recovery Software 

There are times when a masterfully crafted MS Paint project is lost due to formatting, virus attacks or accidental deletion. To ensure that this situation does not become permanently devastating, we advise relying on the trustworthy solutions offered by advanced photo recovery software like Stellar Photo Recovery. This highly capable tool can traverse your system’s depths with its specially designed search algorithms and locate any deleted photo in no time! Not only that but it also supports an impressive range of formats such as JPEG, PNG GIF BMP HEIC etc., thus ensuring you are able to get back all your art projects just the way they were before data loss struck them down – In their original state! So why risk losing important memories forever? Grab yourself a free trial today and let these powerful tools marvelously restore what was thought to be gone for good – Your brilliant creations made using Microsoft Paint.

Restore your lost MS Paint creations with ease! Download and launch Stellar Photo Recovery software on your PC, select the drive from which you deleted them, and toggle ‘Deep Scan’ to begin. You can even customize what file types are recovered – simply click Settings for a range of options including only recovering MS Paint files. Finally, preview the results before saving at a secure location.

This software is a lifesaver for your multimedia files! It can restore photos, videos and audio from all kinds of storage devices – memory cards, USB drives, hard drives…the list goes on. Plus it supports many file formats like JPG/JPEG, GIFSs BMP Raw images and more!

How to Keep MS Paint Files Safe?

Make sure to regularly back up your paint files on external storage, double-check before deleting anything you may need later and be careful not to save recovered data in the same spot – a mistake like that could cost precious time!

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