How To Select An Interior Designer In Bangladesh For Your Design Project

Are you searching for an interior designer in Bangladesh for your design project?

Do you feel a bit unsure about how to select which designer will be the best for your specific requirements?

Does it feel a little intimidating to look for an interior design service without having a procedure to follow?

Then this is the article you’re looking for!

Because we are going to reveal a step-by-step strategy through which you can take the guesswork out of choosing a designer who will prove to be just what you need for seamless project execution.

A 6-step process to select an interior designer in Bangladesh

Here’s the basic idea – you need to go for a designer who not only has credentials but also has a design temperament that matches your ideas and with whom you can form the professional connection that is so necessary for your project to succeed.

Step 1 – Look at design portfolios

Any designer will have their portfolio – a collection of some of their best works – easily available. Check the website of Lavish Interior, one of Bangladesh’s top interior design companies. You will see there is a clear option to explore their portfolio.

Shortlist up to 3 designers who design style you like the most, based on their portfolios.

Step 2 – Decide a budget

You should have an idea of how much at the maximum you can afford to spend. Decide that and set up a rough budget.

The main consideration here should be your financial situation.

Step 3 – Meet with designers

Schedule initial consultations with your shortlisted designers.

Talk with them about your visualisation of the project, your budget size, your expected timeline and so on.

Ask as many questions as come to your mind.

Good interior design companies like Tilottoma Limited will be sympathetic and answer all your queries.

Take notes from all your conversations.

Step 4 – Compare notes

Compare all the conversations that you had with your shortlisted designers and see which one you feel yourself connecting with the most.

It is important to keep an open mind here, as there might be no one designer that meets all your requirements – you may have to go with the best option you have.

Step 5 – Sign a contract

This is a critical step.

The design contract makes important project parameters like specifications, budget, timeline and so on official.

It will be what decides any disagreements between yourself and your designer.

So, get it checked by a lawyer of your choice and then sign it.

Step 6 – Relax!

You have chosen a good interior designer. They will handle your project with diligence.

So you can relax now.

Of course you should ask for updates from time to time but you should depend on your designer to deliver.


There was a time when you wouldn’t have to go to all this trouble to select an interior designer in Bangladesh as there weren’t many.

But today, with so many design firms and so much competition in the sector, you need an objective method to make a choice.

And we have given you a six step process to do that, which is easy to follow.


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