How To Swallow A Pill: Tips & Tricks

A lot of people face difficulty while swallowing pills. Dysphagia or swallowing difficulty, dry mouth, and the fear of choking can all make the entire act of taking any of your prescribed medicine feel almost impossible. 

Also, if you have younger children, they might find swallowing pills really difficult. Also, the entire concept of swallowing something without chewing might be hard for them to understand. Let’s not go to the accomplishment now. 

Apart from children or individuals with specific conditions, older people also often consider it really difficult to swallow pills. So, for their caregivers, it becomes really difficult to cope with proper medications from time to time. 

Every medicine does not come in a liquid form. Also, there are some pills that you need to take on an empty stomach. That means you can not take them with any other drink other than water or any semi-solid food. 

Swallowing Tips And Tricks 

We understand that when you have to take a pill and at the same time have issues swallowing pills, the entire situation becomes really complicated. That is why we are here to guide you with some amazing tips and tricks for swallowing pills. 

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the main topic and check out the tips and tricks that you can apply to swallow pills. Take professional help with pill swallowing if you don’t have enough experience in this aspect.

Drink Lots Of Water

Probably, it is the most famous and common method for swallowing any type of pill. But you can use this traditional technique with a little tweaking. Have a generous swig of water before you place the pill in your mouth. 

Before you try to swallow the pill, visualize yourself doing that successfully. Drinking water will also solve teh dry mouth issues and will help the pill to go down easily. 

Coat With A Swallowing Gel

Using swallowing gel is the best and safest option to try when you are having really serious issues swallowing any pill. 

When you coat your medicine with any good and safe quality swallowing gel, it will work as a lubricant and will make the pill pass through your throat easily. Also, these lubricants make the taste of the pill better, so you will not realize the bitterness of any pill. 

Use A Pop Bottle

German researchers designed this method with the intention of assisting individuals in swallowing dense tablets. As capsules contain air within them and also weigh less than water, this specific method might not be that effective for capsules. 

Here, you need to fill a water bottle with a narrow opening, place your pill on your tongue and bring the water bottle to your mouth by closing your lips around the opening of the bottle. Now using the pressure, you just need to swallow water along with the pills from the bottle.  

Lean Forwards Use A Straw

This technique is super useful for swallowing capsules. The major problem with capsules is that they can not be broken down into pieces. So, you have to swallow them as a whole, and this method will help you with that. 

Here, you need to start with your shoulders back and chin up as you place the pill in the month. After that, take a medium sip of water and tilt your head forward fast and swallow the pill. 

Try A Pill Swallowing Cup

You will get a special pill swallowing cup in the pharmacies. These special cups come with a special top, which extends towards the back of your throat. However, we will not recommend this one to those individuals who have dysphagia, as it can pose some risk. 

It has been seen that pill swallowing cups really help a lot in swallowing any type of pill. Several clinical research also suggests that. 

Final Talks

You can try any of these methods that seem easier to you. Or you can try them all and find out which one works best for you and then practice with the particular technique. With time, you will become comfortable with that. 

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