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How Video Games Are Made?

Like a video game, the procedure of creating one is pretty interesting. And, it involves three different steps as well, which are –

  • Pre-production stage.
  • Production stage, and 
  • Post-production stage.

Each of these stages, although convoluted, serve different purposes altogether and offer pretty much some sort of option in the game development procedure. 

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The Pre-Production Stage – Where It All Starts!

As the name implies, this is literally where the game development procedure begins. During this period, you’ll have to define what your title should be about and who it should serve. 

In this stage, you’ll need to find answers to the following queries –

  • What’s the game all about?
  • How long does it take to develop?
  • Is there a target market available for it?
  • How do you want to monetize it?
  • How long might it take to develop?
  • What’s going to be the estimated budget for it?

Finally, you’ll also need to ask yourself about where you want to publish it. As of now, the PC or Windows is considered to be the most popular option. Hence, if you want to be safe, it will be best to publish the game there. 

However, if you want to target a more niche-specific audience, you can go for either Xbox or PlayStation. Nintendo Switch, although popular, is the least safest option due to the selective player base. So, it’s best to avoid the same at the beginning.

The pre-production stagecan last anywhere between a month to a year, depending on the project you’re working on. Just to give you an idea – this step generally takes around 20% of the whole production period. So, it’s pretty time-consuming.

The Production Stage – Stepping Forward!

As mentioned before, the production stage is the longest one of them all – and, this is the do or die moment. There’s no going back after the developer’s done with this period of time.

Let’s start from the beginning, then.

The production stage of a game can last anywhere from 1-5 years as a whole. In some cases, it might take you even more time before you can get to the post-production. 

Usually, in this stage, –

  • You’ll need to check and refine the storyline accordingly. Ensure that nothing’s going out of the blue. Or else, the end product might not even be half-decent.
  • The characters, the environment, and the props should be created during this phase as well. Also, you’ll need to set the rules of how the games are to be played. 
  • Finally, you have to build the world of the game during this period too. Additionally, the codes must be written and worked upon as well.

The production stage will also determine the color or tone you want to set for your title. Thus, lacking in this step might affect the whole game, just like it did with Ark: Survival Evolved.

With the survival mechanism and linear storyline, this title was really destined for success. However, the dream was cut short by the bugs and all being available in the game. And, the responsibility falls upon having a bad development stage!

Post-Production Stage – The End Game!

During this stage, you’ll need to check out how the gameplay looks first. If anything feels a little clunky or something as such, it’s better to get back to your production stage again.

In case the game feels bug-less, you can release an alpha version of the same for your player base. They’ll check the title out and offer their verdict for you.

There’s no need to change the story or gameplay, though. Just make the tweaks they’re asking you to do and that’ll be all. Also, before you release the game –

  • Do your marketing properly during the post-production. Make sure to surround your game with as much hype as you can.
  • Banish whatever bugs are remaining in the game. Make the environment as cleaner as possible to ensure that everything’s working in the best possible manner.

Finally, release a pre-purchase version of your game. It’s yet another aspect, which can make some sort of hype regarding your game and ensure that you’re getting enough money prior to releasing the game. It might be helpful with making some final tweaks to your title.

And, that’ll be all!

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