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How Wondershare UniConverter is Improving the Work Productivity

The world has effectively digitized and introduced different domains involving digital elements. With the progress in technologies, new professions such as video editing and enhancing came into general utility. As this profession became common among people, the accessibility to tools became easier and convenient. Such has been the case with Wondershare UniConverter, an all-in-one tool providing different video editing solutions.

UniConverter has been focused on its growth as a video editor and enhancer. The tool has successfully added multiple features across its simple and effective user interface, allowing users to enhance their work productivity. People have felt more confident in completing their work, thanks to the improvements brought up by UniConverter. This article will be asserting its focus on how UniConverter 13 has made progress with time.

Part 1: Introduction to UniConverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter started its journey as a video conversion tool; however, it soon became known as a multi-functional integrated tool software, which featured multiple video management solutions. Soon, UniConverter became known for its video conversion, downloading, compression, and editor tools. Not only this, but the platform was also relatively consistent in including screen recording tools and several other functions that helped users enhance their videos to perfection.

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UniConverter has been focused on its updates, bringing a wide range of solutions that help people in video management. As the tool optimized its way to perfection, it was focused on including more features to widen its use case. For the latest update of UniConverter 13, the tool successfully includes multiple value-added features across its interface, which will be discussed as follows.

  1. Homepage Module

UniConverter offers an effective user interface for an expressive user experience. Its homepage is known to contain the gateway to the exquisite toolkit. However, UniConverter came with improvements in the home page module. The tool added different sections of “Value-Added Features,” “Favorites,” and “Highly Recommended.” This allowed users to be more connected with the tools of their choice while offering them access to newly-added innovations.

  1. More with “Favorites”

The ‘Favorites’ section found across the homepage of UniConverter 13 now allows you to add more tools across it. The latest update provides users with a maximum of five features that can be added across the section. This will enable users to easily access the tools of their choice without going through the complete software in its search.

  1. Updated Smart Trimmer Module

Smart trimmer in UniConverter is known for its AI-based solution. As it automatically removes the silent segments within the videos, the latest upgrade of UniConverter 13 brings the option of removing a specific portrait out of the videos. To understand it in-depth, users can now upload a specific portrait within the Smart Trimmer, which would be effectively removed from the video that contains the portrait.

  1. Optimization in Watermark Removal Function

The watermark removal tool of UniConverter is user-preferred. Due to this, UniConverter has been focused on bringing solution-oriented updates for the specific function. In the latest update, UniConverter 13 has added the option of adding multiple areas within a single video to remove watermarks from numerous regions. Furthermore, the batch processing tool within the function has also been enhanced, allowing users to make more optimized changes within their videos without disrupting their quality.

  1. Modifying Payment Systems

UniConverter comes with an option of buying subscriptions of specific tools. Users can buy complete plans for themselves and develop a particular plan containing the tools of their choice. Wondershare UniConverter has enhanced its payment systems, allowing users to make more meaningful choices while buying tools for their necessary tasks. 

  1. Optimization within GIF Maker

As stated before, UniConverter is home to multi-functional tools for video enhancement. As the tool develops GIFs out of videos, it always has focused on improving its technology. The latest update introduces an optimized version of GIF Maker, which converts videos into GIFs from specific points within desirable size and frame rates.

  1. Upgraded GPU Acceleration

Wondershare UniConverter works with the device, effectively enhancing its usability to make video enhancement swift. As the tool utilized GPU acceleration to some extent, the UniConverter 13 upgrade has featured a full-process GPU Acceleration, making an effective change in the execution speed of the platform.

  1. Addition in Video Editing Module

The platform already provided a cognitive video editing functionality featuring different editing tools such as trimmer, cropping, watermark manager, effects, subtitles, and audio. With the latest update, UniConverter 13 can also manage the speed of the video, making the video editing module more diverse.

  1. Added Language-to-Text Function

UniConverter provides video editors with the opportunity to manage their video’s subtitles. The upgrade to UniConverter 13 added a new Auto-Subtitle Generator, which changed the language of the video into text for subtitles. Its operation involves extracting the audio of a video and changing the audio into text, automatically developing subtitles for the video.

  1. Menu Retraction and Expansion

With an improved homepage, users can now retract and expand the left-side menu of UniConverter with an arrow included within the interface.

  1. New Player Module

The video player provided across UniConverter is quite adequate, similar to a dedicated video player. UniConverter 13 improved the player module across the platform, providing multiple solutions to their users. People can now manage their video speed, audio, and subtitles, capture the screen from a specific point, and enjoy high-quality videos across the player.

  1. Optimization of Batch Processing of Subtitle Editing Module

UniConverter manages subtitles of their videos. With the new update, Wondershare UniConverter allows users to add multiple videos across its editor and batch process the subtitles. It will enable them to add subtitles or make significant edits across it, all at the same time.

Part 2: How Does UniConverter 13 Improve the Work Productivity?

There are a lot of factors that can be highlighted as the perpetrator towards enhanced work productivity. This article will discuss the tools that promote users to improve their work operations in a better way. 

  1. Recording Screens

Wondershare UniConverter provides a platform to its users for recording screens for meetings that occur on platforms such as Zoom Meetings. While it offers them the simple screen recorder, users can also effectively use the webcam recorder and audio recorder out of its tools. Wondershare UniConverter has based its inception on helping out within their professional life, such as its screen recording tool, which effectively helps users record their meetings without any problem.

Once the users are done recording their videos, they can customize them across the same platform. This makes UniConverter 13 an efficient choice in screen recording and video editing.

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  1. Compressing Videos

Videos are pretty commonly used across a lot of professional work. While sending or sharing files across WhatsApp or Emails, people usually face issues with sending messages due to the excess file size. Under such circumstances, the need for a video compressor gets evident. Wondershare UniConverter features an exclusive video compressing platform that compresses video files under a loss-less narrative. 

With over 1000 file formats to select from, compressing videos has never been easier with Wondershare UniConverter. Users can work over the video resolution, bit rate, size, and format before converting it into an appropriate size that can be sent through emails or WhatsApp.

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  1. Essential Video Toolbox

UniConverter contains a versatile video toolbox with an impressive list of features that can be applied across videos to make them expressive and enhanced. Users can work across any of the following tools to make significant changes across their videos, unlike any other video editing platform discovered across the market.

Smart Trimmer

Wondershare UniConverter offers a Smart Trimmer tool that effectively reduces the video length by removing the silent segments through its AI-based structure. The tool also provides an option to the user of sharing specific portraits across the tool that would be recognized and removed from an uploaded video by the tool. This quickly trims out videos for you, saving time effectively.

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Image Converter 

Convert your images into appropriate formats with Wondershare UniConverter. The Image Converter tool at UniConverter allows users to convert images into formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, WEBP, and TIFF. Users can also consider converting their images using the batch processing tool of UniConverter, thus increasing their usability. 

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Watermark Editor

Remove all kinds of watermarks from your videos, including both text and images. Wondershare UniConverter provides an optimized version of the watermark editor, allowing users to select different areas to remove watermarks from. People who wish to add watermark for defining their ownership across the content can also utilize the Watermark Editor of UniConverter.

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Auto Reframe

It is usually necessary to reframe videos according to specific platforms to post them. Wondershare UniConverter offers an auto reframe feature that reframes videos into a certain aspect ratio to keep the subject within the videos. This prevents platforms from cutting out the content across the video to post it successfully. Users can set commonly-defined aspect ratios across the tool to reframe the video automatically.

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Intro & Outro

Intros and outros are an integral part of a video. Users may need to add a specific starting and ending to their videos, performed with UniConverter’s Intro & Outro feature. Add or remove the intro and outro of the videos in batches with the tool. 

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Subtitle Editor

UniConverter offers a robust subtitle editor across its toolbox that allows you to import text which can be adjusted as subtitles for a video. Users can make appropriate edits across their videos to merge in the text, which can serve as video subtitles. Following this, the platform also supports an auto-subtitle generator that converts the audio of the specific video into text with its language-to-text editor.

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AI Portrait

This tool offers people the option of separating video portraits of the videos with artificial intelligence. Following this, users can automatically change the background of their videos within a similar toolset.  

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Final Thoughts

UniConverter is a platform packed with multiple use cases and tools to work with. People with fundamental to advanced video management requirements can utilize several features offered by UniConverter. However, most of these features follow upgrades in optimization. Such is the case with UniConverter 13, the latest update that has brought several changes within the platform’s interface.

To understand more about the recent updates, users can go through the article to better understand the effectiveness of each tool offered across UniConverter.

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