Is Skateboarding Less Popular?

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When you think about it, it’s quite bizarre. How many people enjoy spending time riding a piece of wood with four wheels attached to it? There was a period, though, when there weren’t as many skaters. Skateboarding’s popularity has risen and fallen dramatically since its inception.

So, how and why has skateboarding grown in popularity?

First and foremost, skateboarding is a cool sport. It is also rather inexpensive to purchase. Particularly when compared to other extreme sports such as BMX, dirt biking, and snowboarding.

Old skaters returned to the sport, and kids abandoned their scooters. We are in the midst of a boom, and suppliers are struggling to keep up. It’s an exciting moment to be skating; I’ve never seen the sport gain so much attention. Skateboarding may be found in commercials, films, apps, and video games. That’s why electric skateboard is amazing product for enjoy.

The Change in Mentalities

Skateboarding has always been associated with some form of defiance in the minds of the majority of people. Skaters were generally thought of as outsiders or anarchists until recently. Punks trashing public property while smoking smokes and drinking beer.

The general public, on the other hand, appears to have become more receptive to skateboarders in the last 5 to 10 years. To keep the kids occupied, cities began to construct skateparks. Skaters have their sections in some places. For example, in Lyon, France, the iconic street plaza “Hotel de Ville” has been restored to allow skaters and passers-by to coexist.

Skateboarding will also be an Olympic sport at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. As a result, it may gain even more popularity and respect among the general public. Your grandfather may watch it and decide to become a skateboarder. What are the chances?

This was equally true in the opposite direction. Originally, the core of skateboarding was adamant about not being acknowledged by the general public. They didn’t like the newcomers from YouTube, preferring Revive and Braille Skateboarding instead.

How Social Media Revolutionized Skateboarding

Previously, the primary skate scene was dispersed. It was very impossible to make a living outside of California and a few other major cities such as New York, Barcelona, London, or Paris.

Skaters who would not have been seen by the rest of the world had it not been for social media. As a result, you no longer need to be in California to acquire traction and make a career from it. Isn’t that the beauty of the internet?

Skateboarding began to evolve dramatically once video-sharing services such as Instagram and Youtube became prominent. Mostly due to a large amount of content available for immediate viewing. Previously, you’d have to wait months, if not years, between two video releases. Then there’s the matter of purchasing the VHS tape.

Even better, skateboarding gained a wider audience thanks to the internet.

People who aren’t interested may now see some viral skate videos coming down their Facebook feed. It’s usually a skateboard fail collection, but it’s skill development.

Skateboarding has also become more accessible because of a plethora of online materials. You may now view a video and get straight recommendations on how to improve your kickflip learning curve.

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